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xanga post 12072003 Disyembre 7, 2003

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crunch day seven –

whoo! juz got back from work. here i am, alone in my room, trying to figure out my sched for tom. i dont have to work but i gotta do a lot of errands. but before i start blabbering for tomorrow, i better get back and recall what happened since the fourth of december…

5th – went to work from 7am to 8 pm coz of the big snow storm. my friend joy and her boyfriend, mon waited for me at the hospital lobby to get a ride home. my co-worker, another joy, came with us to get a ride too. the four of us went to the mall first and tried to get shoes for mon who’s shoes and socks are very cold and wet coz of the snow. he dint get any coz the mall is closing so he didnt have any time to figure out what he needed, so we ended up eating at a chinese place (where else?!). when i went home, i called my huney to see how’s he doing and what happened wit him and his friends when they went out the other night. i didnt pry too much coz i dont want him to think that i’m holding him by the neck although i am dying to know the details. lolz. i guess the basics were said and thought that was enough so i juz zipped my mouth. lolz. anywayz. all is fine except that he doesnt feel well, so i made him rest ans drank his meds. i then watched the first disc of fifth season of friends lolz. like it! love it! i gotta get the first three seasons! oh well, nice try for me!

6th – slept the whole day till it was time to talk to my huney…juz asked him is he’s feeling ok. he said a lil better so i juz told him a few stories and told him to go take a rest. i then ate lunch, took a bath and of course went to work. 3 pm to 11pm. my stepdad drove me to work and oh boy! they were so happy to see me coz there was like four call outs that day. they wanted me to stay overnight but i had to work the next day 7am to 8 pm. so i went home at 11:30pm watched a lil tv. asked if my huney is not sick anymore. watched a lil bit more tv and then finally went to bed at 1:30am. i was tossing and turning but i cant figure out why. too much in my head i guess.

7th – woke up at 6am, took a shower, called in to be late, cleaned my car, heat it up while i sipped my hot chocolate and drove to work. not too busy today. i had five patients but they were juz moderately critical, so i finished early with my mornig meds, did a lot of wap teaching for a friend at work, ate some crazy lunch, talked about evening dresses, the shs party at work and of curz, they gotta mention how happy i was to having that short vacation this december. i just smiled and said…im really looking forward to that. lolz. i gotta lot of stuff to think about. for that vacation. whew! so finally, i went home at 8:15pm. ate some left overs adn got into the computer. checked my emails, my friendster and my xanga. thats all folks!

shout outz to all my ct/ny/nj friends! mizz ya all!!! although my ct friends seems to forget me nowadays coz i couldnt hang out with them more often. to my ny/nj friends, we’ve set the dates and we need to go out this december, especially jay-ar is coming for his really short vacation.

oh well, i juz wanna giv my luv to my huney and to my son…atong! love you both!


xanga post 12042003 Disyembre 4, 2003

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– crunch day four –

it’s work, work, work…i miss being in school, i miss being with friends, i miss being with everybody aside from work. lolz. its not that i hate working. i enjoy the challenge but i miss hanging out. i’m always sort of alone nowadays. lolz. sentiments of a lonely woman. halata ba? eto its a tough job. im kinda tired but i wanted to to other stuff too. i think i can go out tom night. basta anywhere, coz i dont have to work till 3 the next day. happenings, happenings….hmmm…nuttin much that i know of ( as if i really know whats goin on outside my room! . anywayz, as far as i know…its movin time for my dear friend mark to his new apartment in byram!….yipeee!…he’s actually moving in at marions place with this nurse, molly. the three of them are gonna flat mates…. kewl! i can get to hangout to their place a lot!… it’s pay back time! lolz…anyhow…i have to be a party pooper for my dear ana…i have to go to work! ( ano ba yan istorbo sa barkada ang work! ) ayun…sorry my dear!…i’ll make dalaw na lang sa jersey next week…. promise!…so far yun pa lang naman eh…aside from the fact na excited na ako for my honey’s arrival…lolz….yun lang po!


xanga post 11282003 Nobyembre 28, 2003

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– crunch day hmmm? –

Jeez! i miss being here. i miss being masaya. and i miss being with my friends. this is not a very good month for me. and neither to some of my friends i guess. its by the end of november na and i am so confused with everything. i really think i need to keep my priorities straight. that is if i really know what they are. *sigh*. here i am again. depressed. i guess its the winter time again. psych terminology? s.a.d. seasonal affective disorder. lolz. i think there is a psych term for everything. they try to explain everything in medical terms. am not so sure if its good or bad though. anyway. i have been working for the past month non stop even ob weekends. my mom called me in sick today coz i was having a fever yesterday when i came home from work. can u believe that? my patients in the hospitals were telling me to go home yesterday coz i was so sick! i had to go home early. i felt so lonely yesterday when i came home from work. my mom wasnt here coz she and her husband was taking care of the funeral of her husbands mother which meand my step grandmother. very sad. i felt lousy, awfully sick, scared and lonely. what a combination. anyway, thats not the only death i have encountered for the past two weeks. my friend’s father suddenly died of stroke last week at a young age of 47. now you guys tell me why i felt so blue. death is a very devastating part of someones life. they are not my blood relatives but they are somehow connected to me becoz they are connected with my loved ones. and two of them in two weeks is not fun at all especially i have been mourning for quite a while now for my son and my honey for not being here with me physically. sad. sad. sad. i really should do this everyday. lighten up the burdens beyond belief.

anyway enough of the sad part. happy news naman! i went to a christening early this month for my teret’s baby – sara. very cute. she’s my goddaughter! lolz. ooopz. gotta think of what i should give her for xmas. hmmm… what else…oh…i got crazy one night and went out to sing in a karaoke bar. whew! there goes all my inhibitions but i dont really care coz i dont know the people in that place anywayz. and the irony is i was invited for their upcoming karaoke contest! lolz. i wanna kill myself after that humiliation! i was so sure i was insulted by them but i guess they were not kidding coz they sent me an email for confirmation that i am going to their contest on dec 8. lolz. ill think about it. maybe ill want to be humiliated one more time. lolz. bored. bored. bored. what else is new. oh. am not in stamford anymore. i moved back to my moms house. but for a price of course with a little bit more benefits. lolz. i was not so sure if thats a good news or bad news though.

ok. i gotta give shout outz na. this blog is way too long. but its been a moth so pardon me. lolz

– shoutoutz to my friendz in ct! joy, angela, teret, cecile, therese, raselle, candy, ate wena, rhoda, geline, ro ann, iyen, karina, marion, mark, marc, marco, hector, edzel, jp, russel, carlo, jun, zach, raymond and everybody else that i forgot –

– shoutoutz to my ny/nj frendz! joyce, ana, michelle, dennis, mike, ozzie, edson and of curz kyle! –

– to the people who makes my life bearable to live! my mommy, nino, nino’s family, and my dad –

– and how could i forget to give my love to the two most important people in my life > Jay Ar & Atong
oooppz! it was my birthday too this month and i totally forgot about that! ciao!


xanga post 10032003 Oktubre 3, 2003

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– crunch day ??? –

i’ve been out for so long i don’t even know how many days i’ve been away from my laptop. eniwey, what else is new? except for the crappy weather today and my six day marathon of work, work, work, i don’t really have nothing new except that i might watch the side a and freestyle concert on october 18. ooopsss! b4 i forgot i think i’ll be going on a retreat (courtesy of salvation army) next weekend. hmmm, i wonder if joyce, dennis, ana nmike r coming cuz i’m a lil bit shy going by myself. lolz. there’s a lot to update…lemme see if i can do them one by one…

– september fest –

1. 11th month with my honey (16th)
2. atlantic city with my CT frendz
3. michelle’s bday! (26th)
4. joy’s bday party (14th)
5. sick day n angela bday (19th)
6. teret’s daughter was born! (11th)

i think thats about it actually…life is too boring wihtout any of my frendz…i’ll prolly lose my mind being here all alone in CT.

single life is quite nice especially if i dont have parents on my back telling me what to do but its kinda lonely too moreso that my boyfriend is not here… he’s like “right der…right der” lolz. come to think of it…its not that bad…prolly a lil lonely but not that bad…

anyway…juz shout outs to all my buddiez in ny/nj state. r u guys going to that concert too on oct 18? holler back…will ya? n to all my ct buddiez, sorry if i am not going out that much no more…kinda tired working every day…juz wanna hang out in my lil sanctuary here in aberdeen. miss ya all.

– i love you my honey…werever u r at this moment…our first year anniversary is coming up soon…hope its not the last –


xanga post 08092003 Agosto 9, 2003

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– crunch day six –

omigosh! i’ve been working non stop since thursday and i still have to go to work tomorrow. nothing’s new anyway except for my dvd’s – a guy thing & far from heaven – i haven’t seen them yet as when i go home from work i juz take a quick shower and dinner then jump back to my nice comfy bed where i lay down quietly and think of my december lovelife. lolz. yep! day dreamin again buddies! well, once in a while i’ll pick up harry potter ( the one that i borrowed from joyce ) and read few pages but i get back and start daydreamin all over again. hmmm. of curz i talk to my beloved honey everyday and to give u guys update about him:

done with midterms, no phone calls or messages from his ex, rain and commute everyday, watched UAAP (ateneo & la salle) & played billiards with cousins yesterday and his twenty second birthday will be held at outback in manila (?). kewl!

um what else…what else…marion was here last night bugging me with this website about abreviations. i forgot what it was called but here are some of the funny abbreviations he was talkng about:

i.t.a.l.y – i trust and love you
c.h.i.n.a – come here i need affection
i.m.u.s. – i miss u sweetheart
p.h.i.l.i.p.p.i.n.e.s – pumping hot i love it please please i need erotic stimulation
k.e.n.y.a – keep everything nice yet arousing

anyway, that’s all i can remember. ill update it if ever i seemarion again. today. i am going to have dinner with an old friend of mine who is a business lawyer in new york. we havent eaten dinner since i had my boyfriend so he asked me if we can have dinner tonight. ( by the way its a platonic relationship – lolz – he was my “dinner-out” friend who introduces me to these fancy restaurants – he kinda let me taste the food then asks me if its a nice place to bring his date ) well, it looks like he needs to test drive this restaurant where he’s gonna bring his next victim. so i’ll check it out. i have to call my honey later to let him know what’s up.

to my ny/nj friends – hey!!! less than two weeks na lang! excited na c me! i miss all of you na. to my ct friends – a lot of you guys and gals i havent seen for ages. i was juz working my butt off and i apologize for not going out on your trips and gimicks these past two months. hope you all understand.

teret – happy baby shower on august 10
honey – happy birthday on august 18 & happy 10th monthsary on august 16 (i love you n i miss you!)


xanga post 08062003 Agosto 6, 2003

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– crunch day three & a half –
i have to give propz to my friendz who helped me with this site. i felt like i can say anything i want to and i can let myself out. lolx. my life is too dramatic or to some people i make it so emotionally depressing. i dont mind. i like it the way it is. lolx. i gotta have sumthing to do when i am totally bored out of my wits. i miss work already. at least there i can forget my own insanity and try to help cure others with their own. (not that i work in a psych dept – i actually work on a cardiac unit). but i dont only work with them physically. i can get emotionally involved too. whenever i see them, i feel lucky for whatever i have now. contentment is what everybody wants and that is the one thing i think humanity cannot have. the wheel of life keeps on turning. thats all that matters for now…

its one in the afternoon.
trying to clean up my messy room.
i look at the frames that surrounds me
and books that marvels me.
in front of the computer i sat all day.
thinking of what to do or what to say.
hard to imagine how life gets going.
without anybody to keep me laughing.
my room is an empty place
and so is my heart with an emptspace.y

crunch day three –

juz woke up & of curz i juz talked to my honey. i was looking forward to see his comment coz i was making kulit to him na mag-leave ng comment but n-o-t-h-i-n-g coz he wasnt a member yet. haay. sayang. anyway, he said he like my short… i dont know what this is really…a short story?…maybe. so here i am, writing again kasi i have no more time to do this maybe in the next four days.(work na naman!) siguro when i get home from work, that’ll be the only time na i can write to my weblog. i gotta drop marion off to school (again!) and prolly today i’ll go do some workout and then swim afterwards.

last nyt was nice. after crunch day and three fourths raselle IM’d me (which by the way is only a room away from me – we’re on the same haus!) and told me that she’s bored so i told her “let’s go to cummings beach’ i’m bored too.” marion called and told us he’ll go l8r so we went and had coffee there too. daymn! so peaceful beside the water. i felt so calm. i don’t know but nature has this effect on me. i can sit there for hours & hours without me doing nothing at all. i can juz listen to sound of the waves and feel the ocean breeze & i’ll feel the serenity of life. grabe! i wish i live by the beach. i’ll die a happy lady if i can fulfill that dream when i get old. hmmm. gotta get going for my day. l8rz.


xanga post 08052003 Agosto 5, 2003

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– crunch day two & three fourths –

i juz finished watching treasure planet. its ok. visit my review about it tom though for full details. anyway, im back here again. bakit nga ba?…

“pinapanood ko na naman ang videotape. hindi na naalis sa vcr ko ang letseng videotape ng saturday night fever. pero ang totoo, di naman talaga saturday night fever lang ang laman ng videotape na yun. approximately two months ko nang iniiyakan halos gabi gabi ang nakapaloob sa tape na yun. pakiramdam ko nga buong buhay ko ang nakalagay dun o siguro mas tamang sabihin na ang pinakaimportante at pinakamasakit na nangyari sa akin ang lahat lahat ng naroroon. ilang oras nga lang ba yun? isa, dalawa. baka nga wala pa pero parang hindi ko kinaya na matapos ang tape na yun. bawat luha at halakhak. bawat ngiti at pangako. bawat sakit at pag-asa. kelan kaya ulit madudugtungan ang naantalang pagkakataon? mahaba pa ang natitira sa saturday night fever kong tape. sana magkaroon pa ng panahon para pahabain pa ang nakapaloob doon…”

i don’t know what to say. actually i have lots of things to say but its just stuck here somewhere in my cloudy mind. i couldnt sleep. not by myself. i know i am not alone coz i got lots of friends but there’s something missing. two spots here that’s actually missing. i miss both of them. and i can’t always capture every moment on a piece of plastic strips…but as usual…gott get going. life’s like that i guess.

– crunch day two & a half –

alright! my treasured memoirs is up n running! as in, its completed unless i take more pix. got several folders in there n i guess u guys who know me can browse through that. i need to ask permission to joyce if i can take some of her pix @ her picturetrail so i can put it in my yahoo photos. is it ok? for my own souvenir. lolx. i love collecting pix as well. kaya lang i dont have a dig cam yet. prolly after paying all my bills for this month.

i juz bought two movies treasure planet & the hours i dont know yet how they are. i’ll watch them tonight n make a review tom.

another proj of mine is to make a webpage for my poems (as if i really can write!) n some other stuff. i dont know wer to go yet so if u guys hav any idea wer i can go for dat, pls let me know. its aight even if i have to write down my own html. juz let me know. ciao!

juz wanna give propz to my frendz in connecticut – jozelle : teret : gela : cecile : raselle : iyen : candy : christine : ro ann : meanne : karina : therese : karen : marie : edna : stacey : marion : mark : mon : hector : jacob : edzel : raymond : zach : jun : richard : carlo : & to all the other flipz that i 4got to mention (my apologies). to my ny/nj frendz – joyce, mike, ana, dennis, michelle, ozzie, olive & kyle i’ll see u guys in two weeks! im excited with our lil vacation!

to my honey – jay ar – i love you n i miss you na!

– crunch day two & one fourth –

yippee! my photo linx is up n running (although not as complete!) its under treasured memoirs. Got several folders in der so dont get lost. i am so excited to finish uploading all my images! i dont know when though coz this comp is running slow on uploading my pix. anyways. juz talked to my honey n he’s trying to finish up some homework. what a bummer! i miss him though…i think that’s the reason y the song hir on my site is (what else! a thousand miles by vanessa carlton…boohoo!…gotta get back n finish up my errands!

– crunch day two –
wow! a new day for me. no work, all play. but i got some errands to do – drop off marion to school, go to human resources & try to apply for a hausing (wanna move outta this ramblin shack of mines), to my mom’s work to apply for a second job (need to save up!), try and find out how to insert a link on my module on the left side of ur screen, & most importantly is to exchange my motorola t7021 which i just bought the other day! it seems that the lcd monito got burned (prolly coz of me playing too much finding nemo on the daymn fon.lolx)anywayz…yes, ana n’ joyce…i gotta go and exchange it for a new one! lolx! darn! oh well. gotta get going. oopss i gotta call my honey pa nga pala! oh well…l8rz