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xanga post 08092003 Agosto 9, 2003

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– crunch day six –

omigosh! i’ve been working non stop since thursday and i still have to go to work tomorrow. nothing’s new anyway except for my dvd’s – a guy thing & far from heaven – i haven’t seen them yet as when i go home from work i juz take a quick shower and dinner then jump back to my nice comfy bed where i lay down quietly and think of my december lovelife. lolz. yep! day dreamin again buddies! well, once in a while i’ll pick up harry potter ( the one that i borrowed from joyce ) and read few pages but i get back and start daydreamin all over again. hmmm. of curz i talk to my beloved honey everyday and to give u guys update about him:

done with midterms, no phone calls or messages from his ex, rain and commute everyday, watched UAAP (ateneo & la salle) & played billiards with cousins yesterday and his twenty second birthday will be held at outback in manila (?). kewl!

um what else…what else…marion was here last night bugging me with this website about abreviations. i forgot what it was called but here are some of the funny abbreviations he was talkng about:

i.t.a.l.y – i trust and love you
c.h.i.n.a – come here i need affection
i.m.u.s. – i miss u sweetheart
p.h.i.l.i.p.p.i.n.e.s – pumping hot i love it please please i need erotic stimulation
k.e.n.y.a – keep everything nice yet arousing

anyway, that’s all i can remember. ill update it if ever i seemarion again. today. i am going to have dinner with an old friend of mine who is a business lawyer in new york. we havent eaten dinner since i had my boyfriend so he asked me if we can have dinner tonight. ( by the way its a platonic relationship – lolz – he was my “dinner-out” friend who introduces me to these fancy restaurants – he kinda let me taste the food then asks me if its a nice place to bring his date ) well, it looks like he needs to test drive this restaurant where he’s gonna bring his next victim. so i’ll check it out. i have to call my honey later to let him know what’s up.

to my ny/nj friends – hey!!! less than two weeks na lang! excited na c me! i miss all of you na. to my ct friends – a lot of you guys and gals i havent seen for ages. i was juz working my butt off and i apologize for not going out on your trips and gimicks these past two months. hope you all understand.

teret – happy baby shower on august 10
honey – happy birthday on august 18 & happy 10th monthsary on august 16 (i love you n i miss you!)


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