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samsung t-629 Pebrero 19, 2007

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i love my new phone! samsung t-629yep. its the samsung t-629 of t-mobile!

i have to cut & paste this review from cnet.com but it helped me a lot to check out which one i wanted to get since my old silver motorola razr is now a phone of everybody. and i like to be different.


CNET editors’ review

Reviewed by: Nicole Lee
Edited by: Bonnie Cha
Reviewed on 10/16/06 Updated on: 10/18/06

Samsung has definitely made a name for itself in recent months with its thin phones, and the slider style is no exception. The Samsung Nimbus from Alltel and the Samsung SGH-D807 from Cingular are just two recent examples of Samsung’s stake in the slim slider market. The Samsung SGH-T629 is the latest slim slider from the Korean powerhouse, and this time its carrier is T-Mobile. We like it for its feature set as well as its style, and would recommend it for those who want skinny phones with decent multimedia offerings. It retails for $249.99, but you can get it for $149.99 with a new two-year contract.




abs-cbn linked my page Enero 30, 2007

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Wow! I searched “nixinne” at google.com and found this!…somebody bookmarked my page!! from abs-cbn nonetheless!!!



…and this all from watching “maging sino ka man”…
with eli, jb, celine and jackie/princess…

latest episode???

goodebye dadoods…damn..i thought that spelled “daduds”


movie addiction Enero 12, 2007

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i am addicted to movies. and buying movies. that’s what my collection consist of. movies. i love them. i just bought them at hollywood video for the sale price of 3 for $25. i told myself i willo nly buy 3 dvds today but i ended up buying 6: talladega nights, clerks 2, monster house, the break up, john tucker must die, and united 93. last week, i bought the devil wears prada, centerstage and the mothman prophecies. i don’t really know what my dvd count is. i am probably close to 300 now. maybe more. maybe i’ll start cataloging the collection.

i usually buy them at wal-mart (damn! wher else are we gonna go here! bumblefrak tennessee!) and hollywood video. if its new and i cnat wait to buy on the previously viewed section of hollywood video, i buy it at walmart for a cheap price. thats it. thats my secret. grace’s secret to movie addiction.


new look for a new beginning Disyembre 22, 2006

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not me really…but this blog site…i am trying to fix it…i am getting annoyed and tired of looking at my plain old site so i am changing it…hopefully soon i will be able to present a whole new look !!! awesome!!!


honda element 2006 Hulyo 12, 2006

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i’ve got a new car!

a black 2.7 Liters 4 cylinder Real Time (T) 4WD black 2006 honda element

yes. the “ugly duckling” according to MSN car review experts who gave it a rating of 7/10 just because it was an “ugly duckling”. It is a real sport utility vehicle with tons of space, an attitude (especially if it is a 5 speed manual transmission), good in snow, hight safety standards, unique (and not UGLY!) appearance, kickin sound system with 7 speakers and a built in subwoofer, a moonroof, easy clean up features, more miles for your gas money, and so much more!!!

what can i say? i love this car! genuine SUV since it is very utilitarian in nature. and is made by HONDA. i need not say more…


dell xps m1210 Hulyo 6, 2006

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the laptop that chico gave me died shortly after our trip to the philippines. it was malfunstioning because of an overheated hard drive so i had to buy a new one.

i was very excited about my new dell xps m1210. tiny, light weight, multi functional media center, widescreen monitor and has one of the best performance in laptop selections of its class. it only got a 7.3 rating from cnet.com experts but users were very satisfied with its reliability and durability.

CNET editors’ review
for Dell XPS M1210
Reviewed by: Michelle Thatcher
Edited by: Matthew Elliott
Review date: 5/31/06

It’s difficult to know what to make of the Dell XPS M1210. On the one hand, its 12.1-inch wide-screen display is characteristic of an ultraportable laptop, such as the Gateway NX100X. On the other hand, its 4.4-pound starting weight places it in line with thin-and-lights that have larger displays, such as the 13.3-inch Sony VAIO SZ or the 14.1-inch Fujitsu LifeBook S7110. Like the Lenovo 3000 V100, the XPS M1210 offers a feature set that’s a cut above that of most ultraportables, which usually sacrifice some features for portability. Though our test unit includes upgrades that more than double the price, at its $1,300 starting price, the M1210 will appeal to everyday users who want a relatively light and compact but still full-featured Media Center computer.
It’s a bit larger than its predecessor (the Dell Inspiron 710m), but the Dell XPS M1210, measuring 11.7 inches wide, 8.7 inches deep (9.4 inches deep with the extended battery), and 1.4 inches thick, is slightly smaller and thicker than the Lenovo 3000 V100. Weighing an even 5 pounds with the nine-cell battery, the XPS M1210 lands squarely in the middle of the thin-and-light category; the laptop’s base configuration with a six-cell battery weighs a slightly more portable 4.4 pounds. With its bulky two-prong AC adapter, our XPS M1210 test unit’s total travel weight comes in at 5.8 pounds, making it light enough to carry for semifrequent travel.

The XPS M1210 features a bright 12.1-inch display that’s just big enough for surfing the Web and watching the occasional movie on the road; the crisp 1,280×800 native resolution and glossy finish in particular add to the movie-watching experience. Above the display sits an optional 1.3-megapixel Webcam with directional microphone; the camera swivels so that you can snap shots in front of or behind the laptop and record presentations with audio and video. Beneath the display sit two speakers with the tinny sound that’s typical of a laptop; we had hoped for more from a laptop that’s billed as a mobile entertainment center.

The keyboard on the XPS M1210 shows some significant gains over its predecessor’s; all of the keys are full size, with generous travel that makes typing comfortable for even extended periods. The touch pad and mouse buttons are a bit small (typical for a laptop of this size) but functional. We like the glowing blue media controls that sit along the XPS M1210’s front edge, making it easy to change music tracks and control volume. We also like the handy Wi-Fi catcher, which lets you test for nearby Wi-Fi networks by simply sliding a switch on the laptop’s left edge.

The Dell XPS M1210 takes advantage of its slightly thick case by packing it with an impressive number of ports, jacks, and slots. For starters, you get four USB 2.0 ports, a number usually seen on much larger systems. Add to those four-pin FireWire, VGA, and S-Video-out ports plus two headphone jacks (handy if you want to watch a movie with a friend) and a microphone jack; there’s also an ExpressCard slot and a five-in-one media card reader that recognizes Secure Digital, MultiMediaCard, Memory Stick, Memory Stick Pro, and xD formats. Networking options include modem, Ethernet, and 802.11a/g Wi-Fi; our review unit also included Bluetooth and WWAN. An integrated DVD burner rounds out the feature set.

Our XPS M1210 review unit ran Windows XP Media Center Edition and comes tagged as Windows Vista Capable. Dell also includes a copy of the Corel WordPerfect word processor, a 15-month subscription to McAfee SecurityCenter, and the expected disc-burning apps. Also, like most of the other models in the XPS and Inspiron lines, the XPS M1210 features Dell’s MediaDirect software, which plays CDs and DVDs and lets you access photos and other media files stored on your hard drive without booting up Windows first.

Our XPS M1210 review unit cost $2,687 for a mix of high-end components: a 2.16GHz Intel Core Duo processor; 1GB of fast 667MHz RAM; a blazing, 7,200rpm hard drive with 80GB capacity; and an Nvidia GeForce Go 7400 graphics card with 256MB of dedicated memory. The M1210 earned a very high score on CNET Labs’ performance benchmarks, making it exceptionally well suited for intense multitasking and even graphics-intensive tasks while on the move. The M1210’s 4-hour, 24-minute battery life was above average for a laptop in its weight class.

Though Dell has moved to a 90-day standard warranty on its less expensive models, the company covers the XPS M1210 with an industry-average one-year warranty, which provides free parts and labor with onsite service. You can get help through Dell’s 24/7, toll-free telephone line for as long as you own the laptop. Dell offers a special tech-support number exclusively for XPS owners, staffed by reps who can provide help with the latest games and technologies. The company also has a support Web site with downloads, FAQs, and hardware-specific user forums.

what can i say? i love this magnificent electronic structure! made my life easier to organize and in style…



ipod addiction Marso 26, 2006

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i admit.
i am now addicted to my ipod.
that is all i am doing during the hours that i am awake.

i am lovin this sweet thing! aside from listening to my music, i can do a lot of things with it. a lot of it are free but if you are like me who wants everything best for my new toy, its not cheap.

i have more or less 1300 songs on my music folder but i still have to make my own playlist.

my pictures are still yet to come. i downloaded 144 photos and i am still trying to pick photos from my 8000 photofiles that i want to put in my ipod photo collection.

as for videos, i just downloaded a home video from one of our trips to see how it looks like. it was pretty cool but i was not about to fill it with just home videos. i wanted family guy in there so i can enjoy quagmire and stewie anytime i wanted to. but i couldnt get it from anywhere unless i am from teh geek squad (ie, need knowledge in using torrent files). so i ended up buying DVD to IPOD software so i can convert my dvd episodes to files that i can view in my ipod and whalla! i got two of them here although i still have a long way to go before i can finish up 3 seasons of it.

another cool thing about this are the audiobooks. i just finished listenign to memoir of geisha and i loved it! i am a fast reader meaning i skim most of the time and i miss a lot of point in a novel but with the audiobooks i can easily imagine myself being where the characters are! awesome!

podcasts – darn…those things are awesome…videos, news, entertainment, comedies and most of all…cartoon! happy tree friends are my favorite…oh…another thing that make podcasts awesome?…its free!


more to come..getting tired of typing…geez…its almost 3 in the morning!