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xanga post 08052003 Agosto 5, 2003

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– crunch day two & three fourths –

i juz finished watching treasure planet. its ok. visit my review about it tom though for full details. anyway, im back here again. bakit nga ba?…

“pinapanood ko na naman ang videotape. hindi na naalis sa vcr ko ang letseng videotape ng saturday night fever. pero ang totoo, di naman talaga saturday night fever lang ang laman ng videotape na yun. approximately two months ko nang iniiyakan halos gabi gabi ang nakapaloob sa tape na yun. pakiramdam ko nga buong buhay ko ang nakalagay dun o siguro mas tamang sabihin na ang pinakaimportante at pinakamasakit na nangyari sa akin ang lahat lahat ng naroroon. ilang oras nga lang ba yun? isa, dalawa. baka nga wala pa pero parang hindi ko kinaya na matapos ang tape na yun. bawat luha at halakhak. bawat ngiti at pangako. bawat sakit at pag-asa. kelan kaya ulit madudugtungan ang naantalang pagkakataon? mahaba pa ang natitira sa saturday night fever kong tape. sana magkaroon pa ng panahon para pahabain pa ang nakapaloob doon…”

i don’t know what to say. actually i have lots of things to say but its just stuck here somewhere in my cloudy mind. i couldnt sleep. not by myself. i know i am not alone coz i got lots of friends but there’s something missing. two spots here that’s actually missing. i miss both of them. and i can’t always capture every moment on a piece of plastic strips…but as usual…gott get going. life’s like that i guess.

– crunch day two & a half –

alright! my treasured memoirs is up n running! as in, its completed unless i take more pix. got several folders in there n i guess u guys who know me can browse through that. i need to ask permission to joyce if i can take some of her pix @ her picturetrail so i can put it in my yahoo photos. is it ok? for my own souvenir. lolx. i love collecting pix as well. kaya lang i dont have a dig cam yet. prolly after paying all my bills for this month.

i juz bought two movies treasure planet & the hours i dont know yet how they are. i’ll watch them tonight n make a review tom.

another proj of mine is to make a webpage for my poems (as if i really can write!) n some other stuff. i dont know wer to go yet so if u guys hav any idea wer i can go for dat, pls let me know. its aight even if i have to write down my own html. juz let me know. ciao!

juz wanna give propz to my frendz in connecticut – jozelle : teret : gela : cecile : raselle : iyen : candy : christine : ro ann : meanne : karina : therese : karen : marie : edna : stacey : marion : mark : mon : hector : jacob : edzel : raymond : zach : jun : richard : carlo : & to all the other flipz that i 4got to mention (my apologies). to my ny/nj frendz – joyce, mike, ana, dennis, michelle, ozzie, olive & kyle i’ll see u guys in two weeks! im excited with our lil vacation!

to my honey – jay ar – i love you n i miss you na!

– crunch day two & one fourth –

yippee! my photo linx is up n running (although not as complete!) its under treasured memoirs. Got several folders in der so dont get lost. i am so excited to finish uploading all my images! i dont know when though coz this comp is running slow on uploading my pix. anyways. juz talked to my honey n he’s trying to finish up some homework. what a bummer! i miss him though…i think that’s the reason y the song hir on my site is (what else! a thousand miles by vanessa carlton…boohoo!…gotta get back n finish up my errands!

– crunch day two –
wow! a new day for me. no work, all play. but i got some errands to do – drop off marion to school, go to human resources & try to apply for a hausing (wanna move outta this ramblin shack of mines), to my mom’s work to apply for a second job (need to save up!), try and find out how to insert a link on my module on the left side of ur screen, & most importantly is to exchange my motorola t7021 which i just bought the other day! it seems that the lcd monito got burned (prolly coz of me playing too much finding nemo on the daymn fon.lolx)anywayz…yes, ana n’ joyce…i gotta go and exchange it for a new one! lolx! darn! oh well. gotta get going. oopss i gotta call my honey pa nga pala! oh well…l8rz


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