bunch of nonsense

i think, therefore I am (an RN)

epigrammatic Pebrero 21, 2007

i did this like in 2001…still young and immature

– o 0 Scientific Biostat 0 o –
Mary Grace
Common Name:
Grace, Grazia, Sweetie, Nini
Chokolait, Nixinne, Angelcake, Endyelkeyk
Sacramento, CA
Rehabilitation Center:
Norwalk Community College (previously)
Student Number:
Email Address(es):
Homepage URL:
Rated RDA

– o 0 Favoritez Clichez 0 o –

Fave Weather:
Sunny weather
Fave Time of the Day:
Nightime..when i can go out and have some fun
Fave Spot on Earth:
Beach… while the moonlight shines through my soul
Fave Alienated Word:
Whaddahell are u talkin about? Stooooopid!
Fave Part of the Body:
My hair and my eyes
Fave Brand of Pen:
Fave Childhood Game:
Patintero, Putbol, Jack en Poy
Fave Highschool Year:
Senior year! Where all the fun is out!
Fave Cartoon Character:
Tweety Bird…”i thawt i thaw a puddy tat”
Fave Pet Name:
Angela, Teresa, Joy…ay!..pets name nga pala no?
Fave School Attire:
Thongs, bikinis, evening gown…barong?
Fave Perfume:
CK One, Cool Water, Tommy Girl, Polo Sport, Drakkar
Fave Enemy:
Well, i dont want to have one!
Can i really have a favorite enemy? Jeezzz
Fave Male Highschool Classmate:
Jerick Canencia
He’s my best pal before. He help me with music, i help him get girls
Fave Female Highschool Classmate:
She’s my best friend
Fave Highschool Affair/Celebration:
LCC… high school fair ’93
Fave College Affair/Celebration:
Dean’s Lister Fall’99

– o 0 Freeztyle 0 o –

Last thing you wanna do before sleeping:
Thing u would do for one free day:
Go to New York and walk around Times Square
Person u want to replace UP Oblation:
Sino ba ang malaki ang katawan dito? hmmmm…Mhenng?..Hoy biro lang ha!
Person that gives you 200/150 BP the moment you met him/her:
My Professors?…they keep my BP up becoz of a lot of work.
Person u could talk to 24/7:
Jozelle —super sa kuwentuhannnnnn
Person u think of while taking a bath:
Honestly?… Ryan Philippe
Person that makes u dizzy when he/she comes close to u:
Those who dont go and take a bath!

– o 0 Unique Fantasy 0 o –

Define LOVE in a Rated R way:
Love? Love is the joining of two forces from heaven and earth!I promise i’ll come up with a better one next time!
Who is your ultimate fantasy?
Ultimate? Ultimate warrior of the WWF
What is your Rated R fantasy?
I’d like it on a big floating bowl of Cheerios, milk and strawberries!
Describe your ultimate fantasy in a sexy way:
Okey! Long black hair, scary appearance, tough and nude! HaHaHa!
What will u wear on your honeymoon night?
As Angela said before…NOTHING! Why should I wear one if it’ll come off anywayz? HaHaHa!
What is your wedding fantasy?
Well, having my wedding vows while sky diving!


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