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comedy drag show Nobyembre 29, 2006

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we were cruisin down the streets of downtown denver [co] yesterday morning when i saw a clock tower, there was a sign in front of it that advertises their shows at the basement of that clock tower. what caught my eye was the burlesque comedy show that they will be airing on thursday night. of course we cant go to that one so i looked at the show for that night – comedy drag show!

ok…so ill give the exact info for this:

Lannie’s Clocktower Cabaret
Downtown Denver, CO


DEMENTED DIVAS starring Portia Potty, Gabbriella Butz’In, Iona Trailer and Nuclia Waste

it was an awesome show. they were performing twisted songs of some well known broadway musicals and also of some famous divas like liza minelli, cher, and britney spears. the demented divas are hilarious! they have moustaches and beards with big guts [and i mean, literally big bellys’] i got seriously drunk with wine and some previous boozing from other bars near the stadium.

it was snowing heavily by the time we left the show [from which i left loopy and having the grandest time in weeks] and i slipped and slide on the snowy streets of colorado. it was great! i was loving each moment of it. freedom from the land of tennessee!!!

i didnt get to see graham but we were joined by jamie and her friends, channel & sam. we were such a great group and i also got to drink my favorite beer…framboise lambic – raspberry flavor from belgium. yummy!!!