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xanga post 08042003 Agosto 4, 2003

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– crunch day one & a half –

its still 080403. juz got home from my moms haus wer i started this xanga site (with the help of joyce – lolx). i started a foto album on yahoo photos & been trying to put a link to my site but to no avail. i need help – again! anyway, i’ll try n bug joyce again tom. i got to talk to my honey tonight & he seems to have fun with his friends on a billiards place in manila! oh well. marion is here and were reading http://www.peyups.com. it’s really funny and they are all witty except for that girl who wrote about hating her c cup size bra! ooopss…anywayz i’ll juz update later on..ciao

– crunch day one –

first time i set foot on xanga.com courtesy of joyce. been really bored this past few weeks and i think a lot of people who is really close to me know why. so here i am in front a blinking monitor trying to figure out what to do next. lolx. better this than looking at the cracked ceiling of my rambling shack. better get going then.

ok. i got stuck. ooppss. called joyce and she’s trying to help me out. while waiting i tried to start my own ‘blogrings’ (what is that!) anyway just a little thing about what i do. maybe add some more next time.

juz wanna giv props to my peepz…(lolx…do i sound lyk a New Yorker na?) joyce, ana, michelle, mike, ozzie, dennis & kyle

and of curz…to my honey jay ar & my son atong – – i love you!!



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