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Sangat Island Reserve Abril 12, 2007

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we went to this palawan haven may 2006 for a 4 day, 3 night vacation. It was great!. The people are very hospitable, food was great, the lambingan villa with the private beach was awesome and the fun activities that you can do here!!!

we went snorkeling, boat rides around the island, hanged out on the mangroves, sat on the natural hot spring, wondered about the pearl farms along the island, kayaking, diving the 12 sunken gunboats of WWII, and just plain relaxing…

Sangat Island Reserve


circus adventure & the pub Pebrero 23, 2007

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once again, i regressed to my childhood.

we went to ringling brothers / barnum baileys circus last night. the greatest show on earth! it was so awesome! i got to eat some hotdogs, french fries and snow come on a clown cup! yummyyy! the knoxville civic coliseum is small ehough for us to see everything that was going on from our high end seats. i loved everything about it. the clowns and their funny antics, the dogs and their bouncy adventures with the clowns, the tigers with their very very brave animal trainer (funny part of that was one of the tigers was humping the other tiger infront of the crowd! ha ha ha!), the horses and their acrobatic riders, the elephants and their modeling show. They also have death defying stunts that i almost couldnt bear to watch such as the aerialists who would wrap themselves with this massive curtains in their body and just dangle form the ceiling, the flying acrobatic stunts, the man wo was walking upside down and most of all, the crazy motorcyle roundabout of 7 motorcycle inside a relatively small metal cage!…ugh!!! anyhow, i had fun…

the irish pub and restaurant was aour next agenda since we were all starving…for beer and food. so we went to turkey creek adn sat on that pub. the late night meals was obviously great! i had a corned beef and potato soup along with my corned beef and cabbage meal (which is my favorite irish meal anyway). the booys were hungry for sheperds pie but could not get it late night so they settled with some sausages and sandwiches. the nectar of the gods was served perfectly on a guiness glass. yummy!


movie addiction Enero 12, 2007

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i am addicted to movies. and buying movies. that’s what my collection consist of. movies. i love them. i just bought them at hollywood video for the sale price of 3 for $25. i told myself i willo nly buy 3 dvds today but i ended up buying 6: talladega nights, clerks 2, monster house, the break up, john tucker must die, and united 93. last week, i bought the devil wears prada, centerstage and the mothman prophecies. i don’t really know what my dvd count is. i am probably close to 300 now. maybe more. maybe i’ll start cataloging the collection.

i usually buy them at wal-mart (damn! wher else are we gonna go here! bumblefrak tennessee!) and hollywood video. if its new and i cnat wait to buy on the previously viewed section of hollywood video, i buy it at walmart for a cheap price. thats it. thats my secret. grace’s secret to movie addiction.


drinking day Disyembre 18, 2006

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i came home from work yeaterday morning and went straight to bed my plan to drink the minute i arrived home did not push through. i was so freakin ass tired!

so i did drink the moment i woke up, thanks to mike’s bro, mark. we just started drinking straight shots of strawberry vodka. it was very tasty coupled with some cigarettes.

yeah…i am a nurse and i am doing all the things that can destroy my body. what a life!

we went to the movies around 2:45pm. smoked some more cigarettes then proceeded to eat some popcorn and coke while indulging on the glory of thie great movie…james bond…casino royale…i dont have any words to describe this film..its way above my head…fantastic!!! best casino royale!!!

and of course we went home and drank some more vodka…fried some chicken and watchced sandra bullock first leading lady role in 1992…love potion #9


nacho libre Disyembre 6, 2006

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directed by: Jared Hess

Jack Black …. Nacho
Ana de la Reguera …. Sister Encarnación
Héctor Jiménez …. Esqueleto
Darius Rose …. Chancho
Moises Arias …. Juan Pablo
Eduardo Gómez …. Chuy
Carlos Maycotte …. Segundo Nuñez
Richard Montoya …. Guillermo
Cesar Gonzalez …. Ramses
Rafael Montalvo …. Elderly Monk
Julio Sandoval …. Snaggle Tooth Monk
Enrique Muñoz …. Señor Ramon
Carla Jimenez …. Candidia
Agustín Rey …. Galindo #1
Troy Gentile …. Young Nacho

Nacho (Jack Black) is a young man who was raised in a monastery in Mexico and now works there as the cook. Fueled by his passion for wrestling, he dons a mask and cape and picks up a partner to compete in a local Lucha Libre tournament to try for the $200 prize so he can buy better food for the kids and achieve respect. When a new nun, Sister Encarnacion (Ana de la Reguera), arrives at the monastery, he tries to win her adoration as well while attempting to prove that being a Luchador isn’t a sin and win the grand prize at a battle royal tournament so he can buy a bus for the kids.

written by deac0n fr0st [imdb.com]

sleeping tendency: 4 out of 5
jack black is a great supporting actor. but on his own with movies like this one, he sucks…just like my english grammar. it got too freaking boring that i fell asleep halfway through it. there were some scenes that are funny but it drags…hence the sleeping time.

= During some of the wrestling scenes they used blow up dolls to replace some of the audience. Supposedly, they cost much less than extras and they looked real.

= “Chancho” is a (Mexican) Spanish word for “Pig”.

= Esqueleto is a Spanish word for “skeleton”.

= While filming a wrestling scene, Jack Black jumped from the ring and struck his head on a chair. This caused a gash above his right eye which needed stitches.

= Was sent to theaters under the codename “toast”.

All info was taken from imdb.com


comedy drag show Nobyembre 29, 2006

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we were cruisin down the streets of downtown denver [co] yesterday morning when i saw a clock tower, there was a sign in front of it that advertises their shows at the basement of that clock tower. what caught my eye was the burlesque comedy show that they will be airing on thursday night. of course we cant go to that one so i looked at the show for that night – comedy drag show!

ok…so ill give the exact info for this:

Lannie’s Clocktower Cabaret
Downtown Denver, CO


DEMENTED DIVAS starring Portia Potty, Gabbriella Butz’In, Iona Trailer and Nuclia Waste

it was an awesome show. they were performing twisted songs of some well known broadway musicals and also of some famous divas like liza minelli, cher, and britney spears. the demented divas are hilarious! they have moustaches and beards with big guts [and i mean, literally big bellys’] i got seriously drunk with wine and some previous boozing from other bars near the stadium.

it was snowing heavily by the time we left the show [from which i left loopy and having the grandest time in weeks] and i slipped and slide on the snowy streets of colorado. it was great! i was loving each moment of it. freedom from the land of tennessee!!!

i didnt get to see graham but we were joined by jamie and her friends, channel & sam. we were such a great group and i also got to drink my favorite beer…framboise lambic – raspberry flavor from belgium. yummy!!!


telladega nights: the ballad of ricky bobby Agosto 8, 2006

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will ferrell just gave me an idea of what to name my future twin boys (if ever i will have the courage to have kids, again), walker and texas ranger….damn i’m too southern! i will have to let them eayt lots of biscuits and gravy with some moonshive kick to it….lol!

it was a funny movie. gary cole was hilarious as ricky bobby’s dad….if you aint first…youre last! but of course we will always remember him from the movie “office space”. why dont you just go ahead and work for me daturday….oh and by the way…why dont you go ahead and work for me sunday too????