bunch of nonsense

i think, therefore I am (an RN)

About Nobyembre 8, 2005

2007-02-04-boyd-brothers-birthday-317-copy.jpgi am a girl who is very much in touch with her intellect but does not exclude sense of humor out of her life. A rebel in nature that gave way to my becoming an independent person who is still up to learning life in general. Self proclaimed streetsmart, clown, party hound and a deeply intellectual human being. A hopeless romantic and was a martyr at some point during my inexplicable commited days. I learned & lived through it all and is currently enjoying what i have at the moment. i am mainly here for the pleasure of blogging and to discuss cultures, events, and life in general. bits and pieces of knowledge are important and is not at all insignificant. even the most precarious question or inquiry is of importance because that is one of the ways to learn certain things. I am a dreamer and is very ambitious. i also pride myself to being a good listener, a good sport, having a quick wit and an insatiable sense of humor.i love living my life. i can enjoy all sorts of things and i can always blend in with anything under, over or even hidden from the sun. i am an outdoor enthusiast, couch potato, partygoer, one of the boys, best of the girls, artistic ventures, challenge/adventure seeker, romantic fool. given a chance, i will try anything at least once in my life.

i do not have a regular sleep schedule. i like having my own pulse oximeter. i am the greatest procastinator. i do make good plans then eventually dismiss them form time to time. i suffer from short term memory loss and continous inner boredom and unsatisfaction. i love making friends. i love dulce de leche. i smoke when i see somebody else smoke. i love framboise lambic, sweet sugar pussy shot, and rieslings. i love fairy tales. i do not want harry potter series to end. i love nature and its beauty. i hate winter and cold seasons. i love singing in my karaoke. i love my ipod. i love my son, my mom, mike, and my friends. i collect dvd movies. i love diana ross and the supremes. i would give up a week of sleep just to kiss liam neeson, kiefer sutherland and ewan mcgregor. i love to travel. i am a frustrated artist. i am a scatterbrain.


2 Responses to “About”

  1. pagdaloy Says:

    hi, your blog is nice, I like the categories and I will take time to read more of your writings! Hope you come and visit my blog sometime too. Keep blogging!

  2. krinknov Says:

    your blog opened when i was searching an item on clerical errors in the registry. Maybe you can help to make it reduce the red tape and amended to help our fellows in reducing their legal costs.

    read your “about” too, maybe you can try some adventures on big bikes.


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