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xanga post 12042003 Disyembre 4, 2003

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– crunch day four –

it’s work, work, work…i miss being in school, i miss being with friends, i miss being with everybody aside from work. lolz. its not that i hate working. i enjoy the challenge but i miss hanging out. i’m always sort of alone nowadays. lolz. sentiments of a lonely woman. halata ba? eto its a tough job. im kinda tired but i wanted to to other stuff too. i think i can go out tom night. basta anywhere, coz i dont have to work till 3 the next day. happenings, happenings….hmmm…nuttin much that i know of ( as if i really know whats goin on outside my room! . anywayz, as far as i know…its movin time for my dear friend mark to his new apartment in byram!….yipeee!…he’s actually moving in at marions place with this nurse, molly. the three of them are gonna flat mates…. kewl! i can get to hangout to their place a lot!… it’s pay back time! lolz…anyhow…i have to be a party pooper for my dear ana…i have to go to work! ( ano ba yan istorbo sa barkada ang work! ) ayun…sorry my dear!…i’ll make dalaw na lang sa jersey next week…. promise!…so far yun pa lang naman eh…aside from the fact na excited na ako for my honey’s arrival…lolz….yun lang po!


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