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11-22-63 – Stephen King Oktubre 25, 2012

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I am a registered nurse but now my butt is planted in an office. I am currently working as patient placement coordinator. It is quite boring but at least I do not feel like skipping work just because I did not want to come to work. I do like this work although I am losing my nursing skills.

I am currently listening to the newest Stephen King novel – 11-22-63 (audiobook) narrated by Craig Wasson. So far, I am in Chapter 6 and its great. I am really liking this audiobook. Love listening instead of reading but I still like the novelty of reading it



night of the party Oktubre 20, 2012

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after work and after feeling like an ass, i decided to go out and meet my husband. i thought he will be alone by the time i got there but mark and a client named chris is there. i felt like i am back to my old self even for a moment because i actually got out of house and work.

actually had conversations with another human being (aside from my awesome hubby, of course). I had a dirty martini, blue martini, and red headed slut shooter. talked about small businesses, obama, romney and other things. i am finally talking about something else aside from tv shows and video games.

i had fun! unfortunately, mike was sick at mark’s house. i passed out at home while mike went to the bathroom to puke. i felt awful this morning though. darn it! puked my guts out but the chicken noodle soup was awesome.

so glad my hubby is always there for me!


what the hell is wrong with me Oktubre 19, 2012

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this is an embarrassing, baseless, useless, unworthy piece of blog. i live in knoxville but it feels like prison, i was once a happy person and i should be. why shouldn’t i be happy? i should count my blessings. i have a husband that is still here with me although i am probably driving him nuts. i don’t deserve him. i don’t deserve this life. my son is also here with me and i feel like i am not capable of being a good mother. i am a loser. i do not deserve to live. i am sad. although people say i should not be because of all the great things i have.

i do not want to talk to anybody. i just want to lay down. sleep. watch tv shows. watch movies. i do not want to trim my nails. i do not want to shower. i do not want to see the outside of our house. i do not like myself. i do not deserve to be happy. i do not deserve to be alive. what am i actually contributing to this world? my husband is stuck here with me when he can be great with someone and somewhere else. my son is happier with his father, stepmom, and siblings, he does not even like my recipes.

there is no one that listens. no one that hears me shout. i am going to do a hunger strike.


humpty dumpty… Agosto 9, 2012

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humpty dumpty sat on a wall…humpty dumpty had a great fall! apparently, i did not sat on a wall but still suffered a great fall. My immortal life is not so immortal afterall! pretty embarrassing it seems. i was taken to the hospital (where I work) by my beloved to get checked out. at least i do not think anybody put a foley catheter on me, so that’s good.

i feel so special…i have names for all my toes now and i am on house arrest! i wish i was at work! (i very seldom say that!)

okay…so maybe i will have more time to post things!


monotonous Abril 13, 2007

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Napaka-monotonous naman ng daily routine ko, lalo na pag may pasok sa trabaho. kain, tulog, gising, nood ng abs-cbn soaps, check ng e-mail, bayad ng sangkatambak na bayarin, at pumasok sa trabaho.

 At least hindi monotonous ang trabaho ko sa ER. Second day ko pa lang ng orientation pero binigyan na kaagad ako ng sarili kong assigned room. Juice ko day, buti na lang sanay ako sa mga chest pain emergencies sa cardiac observation unit dahil kung hindi, nanigas na ako sa kaiisip kung ginagawa ko bang mabuti ang trabaho ko. On the other side, at least they trust my judgement and my skills. okay na rin siguro yun.  

Siguro pag nakalipat na kami ng bahay ni Mike (maybe thsi Sunday), medyo magkakaroon ako ng ibang routine. Tagal naman, excited na ako…

Oops, kailangan ko nang bumalik sa higaan. Hindi na siguro ako makakatulog pero at least, maipapahinga ko ang aking katawan bago sumabak sa isa na namang kagila-gilalas na kabanata ng aking buhay sa emergency room! 


tula/poem Abril 12, 2007

wow nakakagawa rin pala ako gn tula…walang katuturan pero at least mukhang tula…i found this on one of my august 2003 entry…wala lang…masyado yata akong depressed during those times…

its one in the afternoon.
trying to clean up my messy room.
i look at the frames that surrounds me
and books that marvels me.
in front of the computer i sat all day.
thinking of what to do or what to say.
hard to imagine how life gets going.
without anybody to keep me laughing.
my room is an empty place
and so is my heart with an empty space


maawa na kayo!

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tulungan ninyo akong magpost ng picture! ayaw gumana ng lintik na mga link ko eh. guto kong magpost dito ng picture pero ayaw…AYAW!!!

chico..kung mababasa mo ang panawagan ko…nakikiusap ako..naninikluhod..boring na boring na ang look ng site na ito. walang piktyur!