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i think, therefore I am (an RN)

xanga post 08062003 Agosto 6, 2003

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– crunch day three & a half –
i have to give propz to my friendz who helped me with this site. i felt like i can say anything i want to and i can let myself out. lolx. my life is too dramatic or to some people i make it so emotionally depressing. i dont mind. i like it the way it is. lolx. i gotta have sumthing to do when i am totally bored out of my wits. i miss work already. at least there i can forget my own insanity and try to help cure others with their own. (not that i work in a psych dept – i actually work on a cardiac unit). but i dont only work with them physically. i can get emotionally involved too. whenever i see them, i feel lucky for whatever i have now. contentment is what everybody wants and that is the one thing i think humanity cannot have. the wheel of life keeps on turning. thats all that matters for now…

its one in the afternoon.
trying to clean up my messy room.
i look at the frames that surrounds me
and books that marvels me.
in front of the computer i sat all day.
thinking of what to do or what to say.
hard to imagine how life gets going.
without anybody to keep me laughing.
my room is an empty place
and so is my heart with an emptspace.y

crunch day three –

juz woke up & of curz i juz talked to my honey. i was looking forward to see his comment coz i was making kulit to him na mag-leave ng comment but n-o-t-h-i-n-g coz he wasnt a member yet. haay. sayang. anyway, he said he like my short… i dont know what this is really…a short story?…maybe. so here i am, writing again kasi i have no more time to do this maybe in the next four days.(work na naman!) siguro when i get home from work, that’ll be the only time na i can write to my weblog. i gotta drop marion off to school (again!) and prolly today i’ll go do some workout and then swim afterwards.

last nyt was nice. after crunch day and three fourths raselle IM’d me (which by the way is only a room away from me – we’re on the same haus!) and told me that she’s bored so i told her “let’s go to cummings beach’ i’m bored too.” marion called and told us he’ll go l8r so we went and had coffee there too. daymn! so peaceful beside the water. i felt so calm. i don’t know but nature has this effect on me. i can sit there for hours & hours without me doing nothing at all. i can juz listen to sound of the waves and feel the ocean breeze & i’ll feel the serenity of life. grabe! i wish i live by the beach. i’ll die a happy lady if i can fulfill that dream when i get old. hmmm. gotta get going for my day. l8rz.


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