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cruisin with cousins Agosto 20, 2006

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eric came with us today to new jersey, this cute cousin of mine is not so little anymore. he’s a big guy now. he’s actually bigger than me and mom.

we went to jersey city to mill around shops and filipino restaurants while waitng for ate michelle to arrive, len len (my cousin), her husband and her kid came over ate michelle’s apartment. we all had a blast talking about our childhood family reunions.can’t wait till tomorrow!


losing my religion Agosto 18, 2006

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damn! im always a disgrace (what an irony, since my name is grace) on family reunions especially when all of the other relatives are praying. i just made a little unappropriate noise during the prayer (no, i did not fart). i think i just said something wrong. but what ever it was, my mom wasnt pleased at all.

aside from that small slip of my anti religion personality, we all managed to have a good time with our long lost relatives. i think there were more than 20 cousins in that house in PA. and not all were present, i do remember some of them but i remember tita lita, uncle rudy and mark. i missed them sooo much! they were almost in tears when they saw me. mark was still the same. he is still tall dark and handsome as i remember him before.
all the cousins played the spoon game and we were drinking tequila. yum. the parents were all downstairs singing in a karaoke.

damn we had a blast that night. if any of my cousins were reading this stuff. thank you so much for your hospitality and kindness. i will miss you all and i hope we all can get together soon.


ct and chico

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mike dropped me off to the airport still groggy this afternoon. Damn. its not a long flight but i dont exactly liked it. especially the stupid restriction tat they have been imposing nowadays. no liquid stuff on your carry on luggage, stupid.

my step dad picked me up and i met with mom at home. she was cooking a great meal! yum, yum.

i called my best friend, chico to meet up with him. i didnt have any car so he had to take the taxi to my house and from there, we walked to the bus station. we exchanged stories, bought some drinks at the local dunkin donuts store, lighted cigarettes and formulated a plan for the night, we agreed to take a cab to downtown area and walk around there, we werent really into drinking mood so after a few walks, we decided to bother Jozelle. damn, she look sooo fine!!!she lost so much weight! of course she made us eat a lot (as usuasl) then me and chico went on to go back home,

i enjoyed that night. i missed being with chico and jozelle. i missed conneccticut and my parents.


slip & slide Agosto 17, 2006

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amy & stephanie invited me and the boys to go on a Tennessee Smokies Baseball game. We’ve got nothing to do so we all agreed to meet at the stadium. The whoel group consists of mike, mark, amy, derwood, stephanie, diana and me.

the game was boring especially its just a minor league baseball and the fact that tennessee team sucks. but that does not mean we didnt have a great time. we were all taking pictures and of course, drinking booze, eating hotdogs and chips. after the game we decided to stay for a while on the stadiums bar. We drank some more and was soon encouraged to play slip and slide on amy’s new place. sure enough we had a blast since abby joined us too that night. slip and slide was a fun game until i decided to do a stunt that almost knocked me uncounscious,

i was just hoping that i will be fine for my trip to CT tomorrow.


nakakaintindi ka ba ng tagalog? Agosto 16, 2006

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nagsasawa na ako sa kaba-blog sa ingles. naubusan na nga yata ako eh…ng ingles. hamakin mo ba namang araw-araw na lang na ginawa ng maykapal e ingles na lang ang ginagamit ko. ang masakit pa nito, kahit ang mga pinoy na kilala ko dito sa knoxville e inglesera din.


sinasabi ko na nga ba. lumalabas na rin ang kabilang pagkatao ko. o pagkalahi? lintik. ano nga ba ang tagalog ng “my other side”? ang aking kabila? ang aking gilid?

juice mio!

pati tagalog nakalimutan ko na rin yata. pero hindi. lumalagapak na 90% at mas mataas pa ang mga grado ko sa pilipino noong nasa elementarya at hay skul (gaga! mababa at mataas na paaralan!). ang gusto ko lang namang talagang sabihin e lumalabas ang pagkabatangenyo ng manunulat (ang tatay ko batangenyo, ala eh, mala-tae!)

oops, sensord yata yun!

kaya kailangan maipakita ko sa madlang pipol na kaya ko ring sumulat sa tagalog. yun nga lang hinid ko malaman kung may madlang pipol nga ba na magbabasa ng basura, inc. biruin mo, pinangalanan ko na basura, inc ang blog na ito!

hindi mo naitatanong, (at wag ka nang magtanong, mamaya na lang) may mga oras sa buhay ko na wala akong magawa. yun bang nabablangko lang ako. yun bang, uupo ako sa harap ng kompyuter, titipa ng mga letra. pipindutin ang daga (mouse!) at titignan kung may nagkainteres na magbigay ng komento sa lichni.blogspot.com tapos pupunta sa friendster at myspace. mapapagod sa kababasa ng wala (wala naman kasing nagkakainteres na sumulat sa akin). kaya hayun, napupunta sa wala ang oras ko.

hay nakupo! nagulo na naman ang mundo ko!

siya, siya. mananahimik muna ako. malay mo mamaya lang makakaisip na naman ako ng basurang isusulat ko sa tagalog.


i need my carry on luggage

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I just received an email from delta airlines regarding the new restrictions on carry on luggage. what a joke. i’ll just mail all my stuff to my destination and run naked through airport security.

next thing you know, they will ask you to shave your hair cause the hair follicles were found to be used as a chemical agent for bombs. or give us hospital gowns t wear while we are on the airplane. pathetic losers. just infiltrate their religion and teach them how to drink so they dont get frustrated. give them suppositories while youre at it, maybe they just needed some real pooping.

Stay Informed Before You Fly

Follow security guidelines to make your upcoming travel experience as easy as possible

Hello Ms. Macandili,

You’ve heard about the new airport security measures and we want you to know that we are operating our full flight schedule to over 290 worldwide destinations. To ensure a smoother travel experience, we’d like to update you on the latest developments.

Please remember to pack lightly, travel with little or no carry-on baggage and arrive early for your scheduled flight. You also will be required to take off your shoes as you pass through security.

Most liquids, gels and aerosols will not be permitted through airport screening checkpoints and cannot be carried onboard but can be packed in your checked baggage. Examples include:

Beverages (including those purchased at the airport)
Suntan lotion
Hair gel
And other items of similar consistency
However, you will be able to carry on the following substances:

Baby formula and breast milk for a traveling infant
Prescription medication with a name that matches the passenger’s ticket (including up to four ounces of liquid medication)
Insulin and other essential non-prescription medicines (including glucose gel)
In addition, please review the current guidelines for packing checked baggage. And remember to label your luggage — inside and out — with your current contact information.

Please check delta.com/travelupdates for the latest information on Delta flights and airport wait times. Thank you for your patience.


hokay…its the end of the world Agosto 14, 2006

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before i post this and become sued, i would like to acknowledge ebaumsworld for having this at their site.
i dont exactly know who owned this video but it was so hilarious! i took the liberty of taking the entire dialogue of this video from one of the people who commented on it on ebaum’s world [ Posted by: Michael (Jd) | Jul 3, 2004 7:17:07 PM ]. thanks to you whoever you are…

Hok… so… here is the earth…
s’chillin.. damn!, that is a sweet earth you might say.. ROUND!…

alright ruling out the ice caps melting meteor becoming crashed into us
the ozone layer leaving and the sun exploding
we are definitely going to blow ourselves up

hok so basically we’ve got
China France India Israel Pakistan Russia the UK and US with nukes
we’ve got about 26 hundred more than anybody else.. whatever hanyway
one day we decides those Chinese sons of a bitches are going down.

So we launch a nuke at china
while its on its way china is like…
“shit shit who the fuck is shooting us… oh well, fire missiles”

Then France is like
“Shit guys, we got the missiles are coming, fire our shit…
but i am le tired.. well have a nap, then fire ze missiles.”

Meanwhile Australia is down there like ‘WTF^^ mates’
India Israel and Pakistan launch their shit

So now we’ve got missiles flying everywhere passing each other.

Russia’s like “AHH motherland”

Then England is like
“Its about that time eh chaps…. Right o”

So now the us is like “fuck we’re dumb asses”
Canada is like ‘whats going on EH?’
Australia is still like “WTF ^^”
mars is laughing at us, and some huge meteor is like ‘well fuck that’

so now we’ve got nuclear winter
everyone’s is dead except Australia

And they’re still like ‘WTF’
But they’ll be dead soon. fuckin kangaroos

But. assuming we don.t blow ourselves up
Us Californians just have to worry about California breaking off from the United States
To go hang with Hawaii
Alaska can come too

Posted by: Michael (Jd) | Jul 3, 2004 7:17:07 PM