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Correction of Error: Republic Act 9048 Marso 22, 2007

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I just have a problem with my son’s birth certificate. There is an error with my age in my son’s birth certificate. Sa mga nakakakilala sa akin, wag nang magtanong! So i researched some stuff regarding this. I think i am just stupid with law becasue i just cannot understand this. Maybe some of you who would come across this would give me and insight on my situation. It is MY age and NOT my son’s age that i will be changing. So therefore i wouldnt be making any changes in my son’s sex, age, nationality and status.

Do i really need a judicial court order to change this?

It says here… “correction of clerical or typographical errors in any entry in civil registry documents, except corrections involving the change in sex, age, nationality and status of a person.”

Does this pertain to the owner of the birth certificate ONLY ? or does this also pertain to everybody that is involved in the birth certificate? (mother, father?)

Please HELP!

Republic Act 9048
Act Authorizing the C/MCR or Consul General
to Correct a Clerical or Typographical Error
in an Entry and/or Change of First Name
or Nickname in the Civil Register
Without Need of a Judicial


Republic Act (RA) 9048 authorizes the city or municipal civil registrar or the consul general to correct a clerical or typographical error in an entry and/or change the first name or nickname in the civil register without need of a judicial order.

RA 9048 amends Articles 376 and 412 of the Civil Code of the Philippines, which prohibit the change of name or surname of a person, or any correction or change of entry in a civil register without a judicial order.

President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo approved the act on 22 March 2001. With the law taking effect on 22 April 2001, the Civil Registrar-General promulgated Administrative Order No. 1 Series of 2001, which was published in the newspaper in August that year.


RA 9048 allows these corrections:

correction of clerical or typographical errors in any entry in civil registry documents, except corrections involving the change in sex, age, nationality and status of a person.
(A clerical or typographical error refers to an obvious mistake committed in clerical work, either in writing, copying, transcribing, or typing an entry in the civil register that is harmless and innocuous, such as a misspelled name or misspelled place of birth and the like, and can be corrected or changed only by reference to other existing record or records.)

change of a person’s first name in his/her civil registry document under certain grounds specified under the law through administrative process.


(1) The petitioner finds the first name or nickname to be ridiculous, tainted with dishonor or extremely difficult to write or pronounce;

(2) The new first name or nickname has been habitually and continuously used by the petitioner and he has been publicly known by that first name or nickname in the community; or,

(3) The change will avoid confusion.


Whether it is for correction of clerical or typographical error, or for change of first name, the petition may be filed by a person of legal age who must have a direct and personal interest in the correction of the error or in the change of first name in the civil register.

A person is considered of legal age when he is eighteen years old and above. Thus, a minor (less than eighteen years old) cannot by himself file a petition, either for correction of clerical or typographical error or for change of his first name.

Only the following persons are considered to have a direct and personal interest in the correction of clerical error or change of first name:

Owner of the record that contains the error to be corrected or first name to be changed

Owner’s spouse, children, parents, brothers, sisters, grandparents, guardian, or any other person duly authorized by law or by the owner of the document sought to be corrected.


The petition, whether it is for correction of clerical error or for a change of first name, should be accomplished properly and in the prescribed form. Section 5 of RA 9048 and Rule 8 of Administrative Order No. 1, S. 2001 require that the petition should be in the form of an affidavit, hence, it should be subscribed and sworn to before a person authorized to administer oath.

Basically, the petition must contain the following facts or information:

Merits of the petition
Competency of the petitioner
Erroneous entry to be corrected and proposed correction; first name to be changed and the proposed new first name


The petition shall not be processed unless the petitioner supports it with the required documents. The supporting documents should be authentic and genuine, otherwise, the petition shall be denied or disapproved pursuant to Rule 5.8 of Administrative Order No. 1, S. 2001. The following supporting documents are admissible as basic requirements:

Certified machine copy of the certificate containing the alleged erroneous entry or entries

Not less than 2 public or private documents upon which the correction shall be based. Examples of these documents are the following: baptismal certificate, voter’s affidavit, employment record, GSIS/SSS record, medical record, school record, business record, driver’s license, insurance, land titles, certificate of land transfer, bank passbook, NBI/police clearance, civil registry records of ascendants, and others.

Notice and Certificate of Posting

Certified machine copy of the Official Receipt of the filing fee

Other documents as may be required by the City/Municipal Civil Registrar (C/MCR)


As in the case of correction of clerical error, no petition for change of first name shall be accepted unless the petitioner submits the required supporting papers, as follows:

All the documents required of the petitioner for the correction of clerical error shall also be required of the petitioner for change of first name.

Clearance from authorities such as clearance from employer, if employed; the National Bureau of Investigation; the Philippine National Police; and other clearances as may be required by the concerned C/MCR.

Proof of Publication. An affidavit of publication from the publisher and copy of the newspaper clippings should be attached.


The C/MCR and the District/Circuit Registrar (D/CR) are authorized to collect from every petitioner the following rates of filing fees:

One thousand pesos (P1,000.00) for the correction of clerical error

Three thousand pesos (P3,000.00) for the change of first name
In the case of a petition filed with the Consul General (CG), the fees are the same for all Philippine Consulates. The fees are the following:

Fifty U.S. dollars ($50.00) for the correction of clerical or typographical error

One hundred fifty U.S. dollars ($150.00) for the change of first name
A migrant petitioner shall pay an additional service fee to the Petition Receiving Civil Registrar (PRCR).

This service fee shall accrue to the local treasury of the PRCR.

Five hundred pesos (P500.00) for correction of clerical or typographical error

One thousand pesos (P1,000.00) for change of first name


The general rule is that petition shall be filed with the Local Civil Registry Office (LCRO) where the record containing the clerical error to be corrected or first name to be changed is kept. Included in this general rule is the case of the Office of the Clerk of Shari’a Court where records of divorces, revocations of divorces, conversions to Islam are kept and where some Muslim marriages are registered.

However, in case the petitioner is a migrant within or outside the Philippines, meaning his present residence or domicile is different from where his civil registry record or records are registered, he may file the petition in the nearest LCRO in his area. His petition will be treated as a migrant petition.

This copy of the Republic ACT 9048 is courtesy of www.abogadomo.com


what federal government can do for consumers Pebrero 21, 2007

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there are a lot of yways to better yourself financially. i have been battling over my financial instability and crisis for the past 5 years and i am trying to get the hell out of the financial burden i put myself on. i got a letter from financial management service regional financial center giving me the opportunity to get a free package of publications from the federal citizen information center regarding the 2007 consumer action handbook that shows best solutions to consumer problems and questions. it boasts hundreds of helpful tips, organizations, addreses and phone numbers that is highlighted as a “178-page weapon against scams and fraud.”

here is the link to request that information 2007 Consumer Action Handbook


ING Account Pebrero 16, 2007

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I opened up an ING Direct Savings Account and i think it’s great! What bank can you find a 4.4% interest on your savings! That’s a lot! I even got a $25.00 bonus money just by opening the savings account (well, i needed to use the referral email and have at least $250.00 initial deposit but hey, its still 25.00 that i did not have before!)



future plans etc Pebrero 13, 2007

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hmmm…i just read chico’s blog about how busy his days are…i dont think i am not that complicated…well, not just yet.

i’ve got so many plans this year. i started already by transferring to emergency department. i am sooo excited about this since for a while , i didnt think that my profession is not advancing at all although i am one of the charge nurses on the cardiac step down of our hospital. i felt that my professional came into a halt. so i was trying to pursue other things. i need change and i love change.

i am currently taking philosophy as an online class. i cannot concentrate enough though. i am a procrastinator. i admit that and i know that is going to be my downfall in this class. if i do not keep up with the readings, my life will be over. i need to prove something to myself that i will be able to handle taking classes online while doing fulltiem work. i need the reassurance to myself that i can do it because i applied at MTSU to pursue my bachelors degree in nursing online!

another thing, me & mike will be renting the house next door. 3 bedroom apartment with 2 car garage and a beautiful backyard. maybe by april or may, we will be able to move. i am excited to be on my own place. we will have the masters bedroom for both of us and then we will each have our private room! mike will have his room set up like an office with a library and a leather couch, while i will will almost do the same except that i will have a futon so i can sleep there from time to time if i do not want to bother mike when i come home from work early in the morning.

and of course…im checking my son every couple of days to see how he is doing. he skipped school today coz he said he was sick. i just told me to take a rest and try to drink pleanty of water. hopefully he will get to be feeling better by tomorrow.


milton berle Disyembre 22, 2006

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“If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door.”
– Milton Berle

i guess that what i can do. i will fill out an application for a part time position at UTMC for a part time position in ED. And since i have lots of time in my hands, only wating it on movies and such nonsense, i volunteered to be an adjunct clinical educator here at baptist hospital.

you might ask why volunteer…well…this facility is the brink of closing if not for the patients that rely on it. at least that is what i gather since a lot of companies have bypassed/delayed buying this hospital because of several reasons. So, i tried talking to the clinical educator, who is overwhelmed with work, to offer my time but she does not know how valuable my time is for her own convenience and for my own educational benefit. I took the liberty of talking to the manager informally about this and she coached me into researching soem topics that i can share with my colleagues and also advising me to be an educator for the night nurses.

it is a very small step but at least some thing is happening.

as milton berle said…if opportunity doesnt knock, build a door…and i did…


open letter of a victim – biktima Marso 5, 2006

we had fire going onthe firepit earlier. we were drinking wine and having fun but my back is hurting so i checked m email and found an open letter from a blogger that i have been following for a while at htp://biktima.blogspot.com… it shold right spot on filipinos mind but sad to say, a lot has happened in our country but we never really learn…

Pass it forward.

Dear Tita Cory, Senators, Congressmen, Businessmen, Media people, Leftists, and all Bleeding Hearts Out There:

I am angry. And I know that there are many out there who are angrier than I am for the same reason. And that reason is simple. I am sick and tired of all you guys claiming to speak for me and many Filipinos. I feel like screaming every time you mouth words about fighting for my freedom and my rights, when you obviously are just thinking about yours. You tell me that the essence of democracy is providing every citizen the right to speak his or her mind and make his or her own informed judgments, but you yourselves do not respect my silence and the choices I and many others have made. In other words, your concept of democracy is limited to having your rights and your freedoms respected, at the expense of ours.

I am utterly flabbergasted that you still do not get it: we already responded to your calls, and our response has been very clear – we chose not to heed your calls to go to EDSA or to Fort Bonifacio not because we do not love our country or our freedoms or our rights, but precisely because we love our country even more. Because quite frankly, we are prepared to lose our freedoms and our rights just to move this country forward. You may think that is not correct, you can tell me all the dire warnings about the evils of authoritarian rule, but quite frankly all we see is your pathetic efforts to prop up your cause. You tell me that you are simply protecting my freedoms and my rights, but who told you to do that? I assure you that when I feel that my rights and my freedoms are at a peril, I will stand up and fight for them myself.

You tell us that GMA is not the right person to lead this country because she has done immoral acts. As someone who sees immorality being committed wantonly in many ways every day and by everyone (yes, including the ones you do), I may have become jaded. But you have not been able to offer me any viable alternative, while GMA has bent over backwards many times to accommodate you while continuing to work hard despite all the obstacles and the brickbats you have thrown her way. From where I sit, she is the one who has been working really hard to move this country forward while all of you have been so busy with one and only one thing: to make sure she does not succeed. So forgive me if I do not want to join you in your moral pissing contest. Forgive me if I have chosen to see things from another perspective. You say she is the problem. I say, we are the problem, more to the point, I think you are a bigger problem than she is. Taking her out may solve part of the problem, but that leaves us with a bigger problem: you. That is right, YOU!

While I felt outraged that she called a Comelec official during the elections and that she may have rigged the elections, I have since then taken the higher moral ground and forgiven her. Yes my dear bishops, I have done what you have told me to do since I was a child, which you say is the Christian and moral thing to do: forgive. Especially since she has asked for forgiveness and has tried to make amends for it. Erap certainly has not apologized and continues to be defiant, continuing to insult us everyday with his protestations. Cory has not apologized for her incompetence but we have forgiven her just the same because like GMA, she has worked hard after all.

I know you do not think that GMA’s apology was not enough, or that she was insincere, or that that apology should not be the end of it, but please spare me the hypocrisy of telling me that you do so for the sake of protecting the moral fibre of society. The real reason is because you smell blood and wants to go for the kill.

Well, I have news for you. I do not like her too. I did not even vote for her. I voted for Raul Roco. But as much as I do not like her, I do not like you even more. I may not trust her, but guess what, I do not trust you even more.

You know why? Because all you do is whine and sabotage this country. You belittle every little progress we make, conveniently forgetting that it is not just GMA who has been working so hard to achieve them. Every single day, we keep the faith burning in our hearts that this country will finally pull itself out of the mess and we work so hard to do that. Every little progress is the result of our collective effort, we who toil hard everyday in our jobs. Yet, you persist in one and only thing: making GMA look bad in the eyes of the world and making sure that this country continues to suffer to prove your sorry point. In the process, you continue to destroy what we painstakinly try to built. So please do not be surprised that I do not share your cause. Do not be surprised that we have become contemptuous of your antics. You have moved heaven and earth to destroy her credibility, you have convened all kinds of fora and hearings and all you have done is test our patience to the core. For all your effort, you have only succeeded in dragging us further down. I say enough.

Don’t get me wrong. I am not asking that we take immorality lying down, or that we let the President get away with anything illegal. But you have tried to prove your accusations all these time and you have not succeeded, so it is time to let things be. Besides, you are doing something immoral as well if not utterly unforgivable. The Magdalo soldiers are consorting with the communists – the same people who have been trying to kill democracy for years. Cory has been consorting with Erap and the Marcoses.

So please wake up and take a reality check. In the absence of true and genuine moral leadership, many of us have decided to cast our lot with the President, even if we do not like her. A flawed leader is better than scheming power hungry fools who can not even stand up for their convictions in the face of an impending arrest.

Your coup attempts and the denials that you have consequently made only underscore what we think is true: you are spineless and unreliable people whose only defense is to cry suppression when your ruse do not work. You are like bullies who taunt and provoke, but cry oppression when taken to task for your cruelty.

I would have respected you if you took the consequences of your actions like real heroes: calmly and responsibly instead of kicking and screaming and making lame excuses. You say you are willing to die for us, that you do all these things for the country and the Filipino, but you are not even willing to go to jail for us.

Come on, you really think we believe that you did not want to bring down the government when that is the one and only thing you have been trying to do in the last many months?

We love this country and we want peace and progress. Many among us do not give a f*&k who sits at Malacanang because we will work hard and do our share to make things work. If you only do your jobs, the ones that we elected you to do, things would be a lot simpler and easier for every one.

The events during the weekend only proved one thing. You are more dangerous and a serious threat to this country than GMA is. We have seen what you are capable of doing – you are ready to burn this country and reduce everything to ashes just to prove your point. If there is something that we need protection from, it is protection from you.

Sign below,

Miko Dela Cruz


Emergency Cardiovascular Care Marso 3, 2006

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this is one of the few things that i always carry on my work bag (see side nav bar: my work bag). you could never go wrong with this one since it has almost everything that you needed in adult and pediatric emergencies (except for broselow pediatric tape). it is the bible of acls and pals providers. this one is the 2004 updated edition but soon it will be replaced by the 2005 guidelines.

Note: Please refer to American Heart Association – PDF of the 2005-2006 Winter issue of the ECC free quarterly newsletter, Currents for further information. This information is copyrighted by AHA. Also, please note the Purpose & Intent of the blog author on the right side nav bar.

The 5 major changes in the 2005 guidelines are these:

• Emphasis on, and recommendations to improve, delivery of effective chest compressions

• A single compression-to-ventilation ratio for all single rescuers for all victims
(except newborns)

• Recommendation that each rescue breath be given over 1 second and should
produce visible chest rise

• A new recommendation that single shocks, followed by immediate CPR, be used to
attempt defibrillation for VF cardiac arrest. Rhythm checks should be performed every
2 minutes.

• Endorsement of the 2003 ILCOR recommendation for use of AEDs in children 1 to 8 years old (and older); use a child dose-reduction system if available.

when i took my pals late last week, they tol us about the updated guidelines but as i have read on AHA website, they are going to release everyhting on december 2006. by updating their guidelines, they are giving easier to remember algorithms that is beneficial to both the rescuer and the patient. time is a valuable part of an emergency situation and assessments needed to be done by professionals and lay rescuers are now more definitive. chance of survival on emergency situations are increased with the new guidelines and recommendations. aed is still one of the most important things that a lay rescuer can learn. it remarkably increases the survival rate of adult cardiovascular emergency patients. especially now that a lot of establishments are investing on aed and training employees on how to use them. recommendations on aed for children ages 1 yr old and above is also promising although most of pediatric emergencies usually are respiratory in origin than cardiovascular.

there are still a lot to learn and i wish i can delve into it more. but i guess thats why AHA is there. i try to check for news and updates every week. i salute them for including lay rescuers in their endeavors to save lives.