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circus adventure & the pub Pebrero 23, 2007

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once again, i regressed to my childhood.

we went to ringling brothers / barnum baileys circus last night. the greatest show on earth! it was so awesome! i got to eat some hotdogs, french fries and snow come on a clown cup! yummyyy! the knoxville civic coliseum is small ehough for us to see everything that was going on from our high end seats. i loved everything about it. the clowns and their funny antics, the dogs and their bouncy adventures with the clowns, the tigers with their very very brave animal trainer (funny part of that was one of the tigers was humping the other tiger infront of the crowd! ha ha ha!), the horses and their acrobatic riders, the elephants and their modeling show. They also have death defying stunts that i almost couldnt bear to watch such as the aerialists who would wrap themselves with this massive curtains in their body and just dangle form the ceiling, the flying acrobatic stunts, the man wo was walking upside down and most of all, the crazy motorcyle roundabout of 7 motorcycle inside a relatively small metal cage!…ugh!!! anyhow, i had fun…

the irish pub and restaurant was aour next agenda since we were all starving…for beer and food. so we went to turkey creek adn sat on that pub. the late night meals was obviously great! i had a corned beef and potato soup along with my corned beef and cabbage meal (which is my favorite irish meal anyway). the booys were hungry for sheperds pie but could not get it late night so they settled with some sausages and sandwiches. the nectar of the gods was served perfectly on a guiness glass. yummy!


labor day party Setyembre 3, 2006

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jeez…this party is horrible to our livers…we were all drunk.
but we all had a great time!!!


slip & slide Agosto 17, 2006

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amy & stephanie invited me and the boys to go on a Tennessee Smokies Baseball game. We’ve got nothing to do so we all agreed to meet at the stadium. The whoel group consists of mike, mark, amy, derwood, stephanie, diana and me.

the game was boring especially its just a minor league baseball and the fact that tennessee team sucks. but that does not mean we didnt have a great time. we were all taking pictures and of course, drinking booze, eating hotdogs and chips. after the game we decided to stay for a while on the stadiums bar. We drank some more and was soon encouraged to play slip and slide on amy’s new place. sure enough we had a blast since abby joined us too that night. slip and slide was a fun game until i decided to do a stunt that almost knocked me uncounscious,

i was just hoping that i will be fine for my trip to CT tomorrow.


long returns to knoxville Agosto 8, 2006

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mike’s friend max long came to town saturday night. we threw a party for him last night and boy it was great! a dozen or so people came and partied with us for a good part of the night. some stayed at the casa and some went home before the clock chimed midnight. we ploughed through more than 3 cases of beer, several bottles of wine and lots of liqour, tonic, mixers, etc. needless to say, we were drunk as a skunk before midnight, at mmidnight, we were trying to cool off the tennessee summer heat by sitting in the waterfall. we also had so much food. i tried preparing some food for the party after i got back from work bu i only managed to marinade the barbeque pork and chicken, roll the lumpian g shangahi and see my first failed attempt to make a leche flan. amazingly, i corrupted mark and mike into likinig filipino food so they made pancit bihon from scratch while i was asleep! i was flabbergasted with the skillls especially when they also made their very first successful attempt of making a leche flan. damn they were better than me. the honorary guest, max long helped a lot on the peeling and rolling of the lumpiang shanghai. he also facilitated the grilling of barbeques. he seemed to had lots of fun last night, drinking and dancing with the girls but he has a long ass way to drive today since he lives in harrisburg, pennsylvania.

this morning was a headache. literally speaking. we were all at the living room this morning watching batman beyond ( the cartoon series). we have plans to watch talladega nights: the ballad of ricky bobby. i heard its great. it raked in 47 million dollars for its openign weekend.

oh yeah, cleanign up after a party is a bitch.


dinner and movies Hulyo 27, 2006

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mike and i went out tonight to watch lady in the water. it was fascinating since it is about a bed time story that came to life. it was as if you were appointed to become part of an ancient tale while you are awake, on this generation. it was refreshing especially on the time of war among countries in teh middle east. nice to know that somebody out there on the fantasy world wanted to help us and would sacrifuce their own children for the sake of mankind.

well, better stop there. i dont want to spoil the ending of the story, just in case someody actually reads this crap that i write on this blog.

hokay, now, about the dinner. we went on stir fry cafe on turkey creek. of course it was an oriental restaurant but this was unlike the stir fry that i know in palisades mall in new york. they dotn have any mango margarita but they do hace sake cocktails which were basically like regular cocktail mixes but they were using sake as a bas rather tha a gin or vadka. they also have the regular hot and cold sake. also on their list are several good wines and some local and imported draft and bottled broueer. (tange! ibig sabihin nyon “beer!”).

the food is excellent. you get your moneys’ worth with the amount of food that they give you especially their shrimp and vegetable tempura appetizers. i ate the stir fry beef in balck bean sauce and it was fantastic! (o di ba wala na akong maisip na ingles para sa masarap? gaga! “delicious!”)

well maybe we will try more next time because i felt loopy and really full after all the stuff that i ate and drank.


reminiscing our new york days Marso 28, 2006

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last night we went to cookeville to meet up with some friends. davy and shawna ( i hope i am spelling er name right) lives in cookeville while ada, a friend from our new york days who is now working as a consultant in nashville, also came down to meet us halfway.

it was almost two hours drive and being a master driver, mark was assigned the task or was forced to do so since mike and i have difficulties diving at nigh ( meaning, we are both blind). we all met up at chili’s where shawna works. i was so excited to see ada again. i havent seen her in a while and she was basically my drinking buddy and my confidante when i was in new york city. we hugged and shared our hilarious moments together in new york. i drank my share of blue margarita which was served on a fishbowl. darn, that was a huge drink, i thought i was going to have brain freeze. ada got a cosmo and the rest got captain & cokes. it was a great night. we had our happy hour drinks at chili’s and went over downtown. i am not sure if we went to spanky’s for dinner but that place was awesome. the seafood entrees are delicious and so are their appetizers. we all had fun sharing stories of being drunk and other stories that includes pornographic details. ha ha ha. being with mike, mark and davy, i guess that wasnt so surprising. needless to say we even talked about sexual names for the 52 states.., well, almost. we were all just happy to be hanging out on a different venue that night.

i miss new york city or for any big city for that matter. talking to ada, i reminisced our times of bar hopping, living the glamorous city life where everybody is awake and loopy till the wee hours of the morning. not that i am talking abotu booze all the time but even those times that i am actually sober. its ust fun to be able to roam around the city trying to discover different cultures, participate in various events and get to meet people who are willing to party and enjoy city night life. ada and i have gone to various restaurant and bars after work hours just to talk about things. having a girl friend like ada is refreshing. she is easy to talk to and is always up for some adventures.

i wonder what will be my life again after knoxville. i usually say i am bored here but nonetheless, i have met warm and caring people here. they are fun to be with and are very hospitable. i admit, i am beginning to warm up with knoxville life but life has to move on and more adventures are about to happen. maybe my next destination will be much more promising…


irish drinking with friends Marso 19, 2006

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this was a picture taken from my motorola razr at preservation pub in knoxville tn on st patrick day (or night). it was pretty neat! an interesting night i should say. i got to drink 3 irish car bombs with mike, mark jamie, justin (who i am adding to myspace) and another jamie. then my work friends arrive: beth, becky & brian. i was kind of drunk already at that time. no, i really was drunk. shit faced i should say at the least. somehow i got a phone number from a certain bryan at the bar and met his friends, joy, christie and louie. anyway, the conversation was funny and as i remember it included something about 8 inches and 12 inches. i dont think i want to elaborate though. i got nat sherman mint cigarettes from the vending machine though jim, who i met before on this pub, usually goes to our end of the bar to bum some cigarettes. after a while we got sick of the crowded place so we went to te back of patrick sullivans. by this time, we lost justin and jamie. we had a little drink but while i was calling amy, i went out through the window and came back through it. a guy came up to me and told me to get out. and i mean get out!. i got my ass kicked out of a bar by coming through a window. to my defense, i was pissed off drunk, no signs onthe window and incredibly stupid to argue and walk out. everybody got their time. i chewed mikes head off coz i was mad at the bartender, felt so embarrassed and alone…again. but mike and mark had a point. the point was taken afterwards, when i was less sober and while everybody was taking pictures while shouting “windows!”. i am not a very good storyteller, not even a good writer, my english grammar sucks but i dotn care, i cant sleep right now blogging after watching “crying ladies” starring sharon cuneta, hilda koronel, and angel aquino. anyway, sinigang na baboy is right in front of me…i think i shall start eating now and watch something on abs-cbn…