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xanga post 11282003 Nobyembre 28, 2003

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– crunch day hmmm? –

Jeez! i miss being here. i miss being masaya. and i miss being with my friends. this is not a very good month for me. and neither to some of my friends i guess. its by the end of november na and i am so confused with everything. i really think i need to keep my priorities straight. that is if i really know what they are. *sigh*. here i am again. depressed. i guess its the winter time again. psych terminology? s.a.d. seasonal affective disorder. lolz. i think there is a psych term for everything. they try to explain everything in medical terms. am not so sure if its good or bad though. anyway. i have been working for the past month non stop even ob weekends. my mom called me in sick today coz i was having a fever yesterday when i came home from work. can u believe that? my patients in the hospitals were telling me to go home yesterday coz i was so sick! i had to go home early. i felt so lonely yesterday when i came home from work. my mom wasnt here coz she and her husband was taking care of the funeral of her husbands mother which meand my step grandmother. very sad. i felt lousy, awfully sick, scared and lonely. what a combination. anyway, thats not the only death i have encountered for the past two weeks. my friend’s father suddenly died of stroke last week at a young age of 47. now you guys tell me why i felt so blue. death is a very devastating part of someones life. they are not my blood relatives but they are somehow connected to me becoz they are connected with my loved ones. and two of them in two weeks is not fun at all especially i have been mourning for quite a while now for my son and my honey for not being here with me physically. sad. sad. sad. i really should do this everyday. lighten up the burdens beyond belief.

anyway enough of the sad part. happy news naman! i went to a christening early this month for my teret’s baby – sara. very cute. she’s my goddaughter! lolz. ooopz. gotta think of what i should give her for xmas. hmmm… what else…oh…i got crazy one night and went out to sing in a karaoke bar. whew! there goes all my inhibitions but i dont really care coz i dont know the people in that place anywayz. and the irony is i was invited for their upcoming karaoke contest! lolz. i wanna kill myself after that humiliation! i was so sure i was insulted by them but i guess they were not kidding coz they sent me an email for confirmation that i am going to their contest on dec 8. lolz. ill think about it. maybe ill want to be humiliated one more time. lolz. bored. bored. bored. what else is new. oh. am not in stamford anymore. i moved back to my moms house. but for a price of course with a little bit more benefits. lolz. i was not so sure if thats a good news or bad news though.

ok. i gotta give shout outz na. this blog is way too long. but its been a moth so pardon me. lolz

– shoutoutz to my friendz in ct! joy, angela, teret, cecile, therese, raselle, candy, ate wena, rhoda, geline, ro ann, iyen, karina, marion, mark, marc, marco, hector, edzel, jp, russel, carlo, jun, zach, raymond and everybody else that i forgot –

– shoutoutz to my ny/nj frendz! joyce, ana, michelle, dennis, mike, ozzie, edson and of curz kyle! –

– to the people who makes my life bearable to live! my mommy, nino, nino’s family, and my dad –

– and how could i forget to give my love to the two most important people in my life > Jay Ar & Atong
oooppz! it was my birthday too this month and i totally forgot about that! ciao!


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