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xanga post 10032003 Oktubre 3, 2003

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– crunch day ??? –

i’ve been out for so long i don’t even know how many days i’ve been away from my laptop. eniwey, what else is new? except for the crappy weather today and my six day marathon of work, work, work, i don’t really have nothing new except that i might watch the side a and freestyle concert on october 18. ooopsss! b4 i forgot i think i’ll be going on a retreat (courtesy of salvation army) next weekend. hmmm, i wonder if joyce, dennis, ana nmike r coming cuz i’m a lil bit shy going by myself. lolz. there’s a lot to update…lemme see if i can do them one by one…

– september fest –

1. 11th month with my honey (16th)
2. atlantic city with my CT frendz
3. michelle’s bday! (26th)
4. joy’s bday party (14th)
5. sick day n angela bday (19th)
6. teret’s daughter was born! (11th)

i think thats about it actually…life is too boring wihtout any of my frendz…i’ll prolly lose my mind being here all alone in CT.

single life is quite nice especially if i dont have parents on my back telling me what to do but its kinda lonely too moreso that my boyfriend is not here… he’s like “right der…right der” lolz. come to think of it…its not that bad…prolly a lil lonely but not that bad…

anyway…juz shout outs to all my buddiez in ny/nj state. r u guys going to that concert too on oct 18? holler back…will ya? n to all my ct buddiez, sorry if i am not going out that much no more…kinda tired working every day…juz wanna hang out in my lil sanctuary here in aberdeen. miss ya all.

– i love you my honey…werever u r at this moment…our first year anniversary is coming up soon…hope its not the last –


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