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xanga post 12072003 Disyembre 7, 2003

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crunch day seven –

whoo! juz got back from work. here i am, alone in my room, trying to figure out my sched for tom. i dont have to work but i gotta do a lot of errands. but before i start blabbering for tomorrow, i better get back and recall what happened since the fourth of december…

5th – went to work from 7am to 8 pm coz of the big snow storm. my friend joy and her boyfriend, mon waited for me at the hospital lobby to get a ride home. my co-worker, another joy, came with us to get a ride too. the four of us went to the mall first and tried to get shoes for mon who’s shoes and socks are very cold and wet coz of the snow. he dint get any coz the mall is closing so he didnt have any time to figure out what he needed, so we ended up eating at a chinese place (where else?!). when i went home, i called my huney to see how’s he doing and what happened wit him and his friends when they went out the other night. i didnt pry too much coz i dont want him to think that i’m holding him by the neck although i am dying to know the details. lolz. i guess the basics were said and thought that was enough so i juz zipped my mouth. lolz. anywayz. all is fine except that he doesnt feel well, so i made him rest ans drank his meds. i then watched the first disc of fifth season of friends lolz. like it! love it! i gotta get the first three seasons! oh well, nice try for me!

6th – slept the whole day till it was time to talk to my huney…juz asked him is he’s feeling ok. he said a lil better so i juz told him a few stories and told him to go take a rest. i then ate lunch, took a bath and of course went to work. 3 pm to 11pm. my stepdad drove me to work and oh boy! they were so happy to see me coz there was like four call outs that day. they wanted me to stay overnight but i had to work the next day 7am to 8 pm. so i went home at 11:30pm watched a lil tv. asked if my huney is not sick anymore. watched a lil bit more tv and then finally went to bed at 1:30am. i was tossing and turning but i cant figure out why. too much in my head i guess.

7th – woke up at 6am, took a shower, called in to be late, cleaned my car, heat it up while i sipped my hot chocolate and drove to work. not too busy today. i had five patients but they were juz moderately critical, so i finished early with my mornig meds, did a lot of wap teaching for a friend at work, ate some crazy lunch, talked about evening dresses, the shs party at work and of curz, they gotta mention how happy i was to having that short vacation this december. i just smiled and said…im really looking forward to that. lolz. i gotta lot of stuff to think about. for that vacation. whew! so finally, i went home at 8:15pm. ate some left overs adn got into the computer. checked my emails, my friendster and my xanga. thats all folks!

shout outz to all my ct/ny/nj friends! mizz ya all!!! although my ct friends seems to forget me nowadays coz i couldnt hang out with them more often. to my ny/nj friends, we’ve set the dates and we need to go out this december, especially jay-ar is coming for his really short vacation.

oh well, i juz wanna giv my luv to my huney and to my son…atong! love you both!


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– crunch day four –

it’s work, work, work…i miss being in school, i miss being with friends, i miss being with everybody aside from work. lolz. its not that i hate working. i enjoy the challenge but i miss hanging out. i’m always sort of alone nowadays. lolz. sentiments of a lonely woman. halata ba? eto its a tough job. im kinda tired but i wanted to to other stuff too. i think i can go out tom night. basta anywhere, coz i dont have to work till 3 the next day. happenings, happenings….hmmm…nuttin much that i know of ( as if i really know whats goin on outside my room! . anywayz, as far as i know…its movin time for my dear friend mark to his new apartment in byram!….yipeee!…he’s actually moving in at marions place with this nurse, molly. the three of them are gonna flat mates…. kewl! i can get to hangout to their place a lot!… it’s pay back time! lolz…anyhow…i have to be a party pooper for my dear ana…i have to go to work! ( ano ba yan istorbo sa barkada ang work! ) ayun…sorry my dear!…i’ll make dalaw na lang sa jersey next week…. promise!…so far yun pa lang naman eh…aside from the fact na excited na ako for my honey’s arrival…lolz….yun lang po!