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quiet time Setyembre 10, 2009

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i am sitting here alone in our home office. it is quiet but not emtirely alone. my two dogs are yawning under my feet.

I have to summarize what happened since the last time i posted something here.

december – had a very nice but uneventful gift exchange with my husband’s family. didnt really expect much but i did ge the boys leather jackets from buckle. got several gifts for our new dog, stella, from my in-laws.

january – my husband planned on a romantic getaway at the cabin in the mountains. he also helped me out in making our weddign scrapbook which by the way is not finished yet either. that was supposedly his first gift. i didnt mind. i knew he was broke. i gave him a playboy 1 stock certificate. i though t he was very happy with that.

february – we have received a letter that my son, nathan, will be having an interview soon. we prepped them fro everything and made sure he got his medical exam completed.

march – his interview date arrived but since there was a mishap on his immunization, it was delayed yet again another month. we went to new york to renew my passport and also to visit some friends in the city. paperwork for the interview was finalized and sent to manila with multiple copies.

april – nathan passed his interview. he’s coming to america soon!

may – we went o new york so i can fly to the philippines to get nathan. when we came back, we attended Joy and Mon’s wedding. here we have seen old friends and met new ones.

june – back to work and back to reality. pretty much broke form all the trips to get nathan here.

july – realizd that having a baby on vacation is not the best scenario nor the worst. just inconvenient but awesome as a whole since nathan and i got the time to enjoy a week with my best friend hermione and my godson, luke.

august – first day of school started for nathan. we are seeing a lot of how he deals with things. we had to wake up early everyday to get him to school. we also have to prepare his food everyday fro lunch since there is no cafeteria intheir school. both nathan and us, his parents, were excited to start in this school since it has so much to offer nathan in way of learning  different things.

well..thats all for now…i am sure ill have to write somethign fro september sooner than expected!