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national park pass Pebrero 28, 2006

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MOOD: happy

He went in the room, giving me an owners manual & a park pass fro national parks. I didn’t know what it is for but i thanked him anyway. But then he said that it is both for us then felt like a fool. But then again he said to look at the names of the one parks pass that we ave and it has both our names on it! It is our first ever document that has both our names. How sweet!

Hmmm…the gnawing feeling inside still lurks behind the curtains threathning to abolish any good sense or vibe this may bring…NOOOOO!..I shall try hard not to stray away from the more obvious point…i think he is ready..

or is he?…most crucial question is…am i?


MOOD: confused

Is he having cold feet? He keeps on changing his mind. Now i dont know if we will be able to push through on san francisco plan. But i guess it is just about where he can find a job. In either case, with or without him i wll need to move to San Francisco. I need my ER experience. Ive got all the credentials and yet i cant work there sine i havent done any full time work on that department.


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