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night of the party Oktubre 20, 2012

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after work and after feeling like an ass, i decided to go out and meet my husband. i thought he will be alone by the time i got there but mark and a client named chris is there. i felt like i am back to my old self even for a moment because i actually got out of house and work.

actually had conversations with another human being (aside from my awesome hubby, of course). I had a dirty martini, blue martini, and red headed slut shooter. talked about small businesses, obama, romney and other things. i am finally talking about something else aside from tv shows and video games.

i had fun! unfortunately, mike was sick at mark’s house. i passed out at home while mike went to the bathroom to puke. i felt awful this morning though. darn it! puked my guts out but the chicken noodle soup was awesome.

so glad my hubby is always there for me!