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whew…its been a while Nobyembre 24, 2007

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i have been too busy with so many different stuff.  everyday is a new day and its been very interesting.

I moved to our new house last april, 2007.  we leased our house until august 2007 then bought it from the leaser. Its a split level house, 1700 sq ft, for a whopping $150,000.00. not bad for a southern home.

then here comes the puppy. my fiancee’s brother gave me a yorkshire terrier. we…i’ll explain the fiancee part later but as for the yorkie…

i fell in love with the puppy eversince we saw him. he was only 9 weeks old when we got him. he’s black and tan, 3.5 lbs and was just as cute as a button! i lvoe him to death but training a pup is no joke! we’re still training him not to poop or pee in the house!

 ok…as for the fiancee part…i got engaged last november 5…just right after my birthday at huntington beach, ca….it was sunset…approx 5:30 pm…he was down on his knees asking me to marry him!!! of course i said yes!!!

 so here comes the hard part…trying to figure out if we want a private wedding which consists of us, justice of the peace and a witness or a traditional wedding! we finally decided that we’ll go by the traditional wedding but with just a few family and friends…but we are having a big cocktail party afterwards at home!

chico, you better be there!!


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