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toothache Abril 18, 2007

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emergency room is for emergency medical problems not for a simple toothache. but some people take for granted what the emergency services are for. especially for people who does not have any insurance.

 i am not saying that if you do not have insurance that you do not have the right for an emergency medical treatment. if you have a real medical emergency, i suggest that you go to your nearest emergency department immediately, with or without an insurance. but please, do not go to the emergency room if you have a toothache that does not have any symptoms of infection. get to your local health department for a free consultation on where to get a free dental service or the most affordable one. most counties have these services. do not waste your time and the time of the medical staff in emergency room for a simple toothache because of a dental cavity.

if you are running a fever, have pus like secretions, or serious swelling in your gums then by all means come to the emergency department, but otherwise, go to your dentist!

and do not cuss the doctor that was trying to treat your simple toothache in the ED. you will get thrown out by security and be blacklisted on your local emergency department!

i just dont understnad why people do this!!!


10 Responses to “toothache”

  1. bonniefazzyoo Says:

    even if my gums are swelling i will not go to the ED. i’m scared that people would laugh at me because they might think that i’m stupid…hehehe! 😉

  2. nixinne Says:

    not really…im pretty sure we will nto laugh at you especially if your gums are pretty swollen because it may lead to systemic infection but darn…that guy was no way in any shaoe to be in ER…and obnoxious too!!!

  3. bonniefazzyoo Says:

    hahaha! care to exchange links?

  4. paurong Says:

    reminder of my last weeks chaos, eh? o well. miss u.

  5. Jim Says:

    They just want the rush, i suppose. ehehehe!

  6. nixinne Says:

    @ bonniefazzyoo

    yes we can exchange links!!!

  7. nixinne Says:

    @ paurong

    ha ha ha! i forgot that youve had that problem with your tooth before!!!


  8. nixinne Says:

    @ Jim

    well, i guess…he even boasted that he’s form brooklyn in new york!

    thanks for dropping by!

  9. tat Says:

    toothace is an emergency, since it’s delibitating.
    Plus if it’s in the middle of night, where are people supposed to go.

  10. nixinne Says:

    yeah..it is quite debilitating but if they had it fro 2-3 months and does not take care of it at that period then…do you still think its an emergency?

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