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i love scary books and movies! Abril 10, 2007

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i just finished watching the grudge 2. it brings back the memories of my passion for suspense/horror movies and books. I remember reading “Mga Anak ng DIlim” when i was a teenager int eh Philippines and i was scared shitless about it. I thought it was a pretty fascinating filipino horrow book. I just couldnt remember the name of the author!

Anyway, not only did i remember that book but i also remember the TV shows when i was young. This will let everybody in on how old i really am…ha ha ha! i remember Pinoy Thriller with its first line… “Ano ang nasa dako pa roon, bunga ng malikot na pag-iisip…”. And also Regal Shocker! Grabe! i used to lay down with 4 pillows around me and a blanket in my parents air conditioned room and prepare to watch regal shoclker at 9 or 10 pm. i was alone because our business is at night so they are out all the time during this time. i was scared shitless!! especially when the grim reaper comes out of its cave holding a knife then he strucks the Regal shocker book wiht the knife then it bleeds…oh my gosh!! scaredddd!


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