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my heartache… Marso 17, 2007

Filed under: my immortal life,tear jerker — nixinne @ 10:05 umaga

last saturday, me and mike had a fight. it was awful. that was the first time i cried within the past year and a half. but we “kind of” settled in our differences since he said afterwards that “he found the person he would want to live with.” i hate to analyze simple words of men (except for chico’s) cause they usuall are unsubstantial. it is what it but i cannot help but to think if he was just saying that so i can calm down.

Last night i had this feeling again that he does not want to be with me. i’ll spare everybody the details but it creeped up in mind until i was bursting with anger. he came to bed and told me what i wanted to hear, as if he read my thoughts…that was scary. he played the part of what i wanted him to do without me telling him.


5 Responses to “my heartache…”

  1. You are not a robot after all.

    Take a deep breath. And call me if you feel like it. I will not call you, you dont answer the phone, damn it~! 😛

    Take care as always.

  2. paurong Says:

    well, at least, he did something you wanted him to do without you telling him.
    take care! it’s been so long since your last post.

  3. nixinne Says:

    oo nga eh…masyadong busy sa work and school. too much overtime. i actually got behid school work!!! but thanks for dropping by!

  4. JohnHeart Says:

    Baka naman naglalambing lang siya sa yo?

  5. nixinne Says:

    haay naku…minsan kasi masyado ang closeness nila nung bro niya…halos ayaw na yatang maghiwalay…pero may sense naman ung excuse nya, un nga alng ako ang naglalambing tapos hindi napagbigyan…

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