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its just one of those days… Marso 2, 2007

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i do not think its just me that does not have the “balance” in their life…

i am quite successful at work..(at least that is what i think) and my relationship with mike is great. even my realationship with my mom is great. i am working towards my credit problems, i am actually saving up some, thanks to ING Direct and the United States Treasury. i have great work relationship, i dont have any enemies that i know of. i’ve got great friends…my son is in good health and so is most of my immediate family…


my arms, neck and shoulders are still hurting, i am still far away from my son, i am sooo behind with school work and come to find out, i could not get a mortgage by myself so mike will have to shoulder this mortgage purchase by himself. i dont like that…i think i might as well just rent a house for now. repair my credit history this year and try again next year. grrr..it makes me mad! but its my fault…so i guess i do not have the right to get angry…

i just couldnt have everything that i wanted at the same time…they are scattered…its either this or that..never both…sometimes nothing at all…but i am still thankful for everything that i have…

i am so tired today, i dont feel like going to the physical therapy but i must…the breakfast party for our co-worker was cancelled since she hurt her back last wednesday…everybody is sick here nowadays…*sigh*…i want to go to sleep so bad but i have to read my books so i can have a blasted input oin my philosophy class about heraclitus, parminedes and the sophists…*sigh again*…i still have two more nights of work including tonight and tomorrow night…

i guess its just one of those days…


5 Responses to “its just one of those days…”

  1. paurong Says:

    sinuk ako nang sinok.
    bakit kaya?
    ano ang problema.
    ano ang solusyon.

  2. nixinne Says:

    naku? ewan ko. ako umiinom ako gn tubig na hawak ko ang ilong ko! epektib sa akin!

  3. pagdaloy Says:

    sigh din ako para sa iyo.
    ganun ata talaga ang buhay… kailangan matutong mag-antay… pero tiyak na mas matamis kapag dumating ang inaantay.

    sabi nga ni heraclitus, di tayo lumulusong sa iisang ilog— palaging iba– dumadaloy– bago–kaya naman palaging may saysay— kahit nakakapagod! hay!!!

  4. pagdaloy Says:

    si heraclitus nga ba ang nagsabi nun o si parmenides…trying hard ako na pilosopo—
    sigh pa rin…

  5. Joyce Says:

    hiyyyaa Grace!!!

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