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physical therapy sessions Marso 1, 2007

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this morning was my third day in physical therapy. the first day was a bitch sinc eit hurts so much just to be moved around for diagnostic purposes. jay (the physical therapist) last monday told me that my c7 is not in place and that they are going ot try and re-align it. he moved my neck from left ot right, up and down and around. and i cringed. i almost cried after that session coz it hurts a lot. he also did some heat therapy and TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulator). it felt wonderful when i was at the therapy center but after a mere hour, i was hurting!

by the next day, gail (another physical therapist) came and did my work up with me. i really dont like her coz she has this look on her face that tells me ” you better tell me is getting better or else…” she always has this kind words and seems to be smiling all the time but whenever i tell her that somethign is hurting it seems like she does not believe it. like its not supposed to do that and that she was puzzzled why i was hurting that much. i wasnt comfortable with her but i cannot refuse her either. moral obligation to my fellow workers in the medical feld , i presume. she did another session of heat therapy, soem exercises and then the TENS therapy but she placed the electrode on the lower part of my scapular region and i shocked the living shit out of my nerves in that area, to my left arm then to my left little finger. ok..so the second session didnt turn out as well.

this mornign was the third day and even though gail was still my PT, i had a better day than the 2 previous days. heat therapy, some exercises then cold therapy. no TENS today. my arm and little finger still have some paresthesia on it but at least the pain slowed down. and this is all without medications! yipeee!

i did not like the lyrica nor the lodine. my tolerance of medications is really low. i fall asleep and stay asleep fro a couple of days if i took both at the same time. jeez…

work had put me on light duty so it wasnt as bad. we shall see the next week or so…


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