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housing agenda Marso 1, 2007

Filed under: english alphabet,my immortal life,yada yada yada — nixinne @ 1:26 umaga

we need to have our own house soon. be it rented or bought, i dont care. i just need space. i want my own room, my own place to put my stuff and my clothes. sharing a room , even with somebody that you love, isnt working for me.

with mike’s good credit and no stable salary (he just started his business with his brother 6 months ago), and my bad credit wih good, stable salary, we are hoping for a good mortgage deal. i am not sure how we are going to accomplish that. im not keeping my hopes up coz i will be the primary buyer and mike will just be the co-borrower. its a big step for both of us, financially and realtionship-wise. really big…hmmm. it isnt bad since i dotn think we will be lookign fo new partners in teh foreseeable future. hell, we cant get divorced anyway since were not married…he he he…giggity. the posotive side of not beign married is no ugly divorce proceedings.


5 Responses to “housing agenda”

  1. pagdaloy Says:

    I totally feel for you, Nixinne! Your own space is important– much like oxygen itself– so, good luck on on the house hunting spree…the mortgage deal and of course, the relationship!!!
    keep us updated… haha!

  2. pagdaloy, part ka na rin ng viewership dito ๐Ÿ˜›

  3. bessy, reread your notation, and see kung ano ang magiging reaction ni mike kapag nabasa niya yan.

    Ang word choice ingatan! ๐Ÿ˜›

    I got the 6 packs of CCC (Cancer Causing Cigarette)


  4. nixinne Says:

    ha ha ha! mike knows about it..and we both feel the same, so no problem (about the house, and marriage…

    pagdaloy, thanks for stopping by! and i will update you guys!

  5. pagdaloy Says:

    oo, Miko, maliit ang mundo haha– kitakits!

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