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cervical radiculopathy Pebrero 24, 2007

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in short, pinched nerves on my C6..

yea…the doctor said i probably have a nerve damage on my C6 form pulling 300 lb patients. first, i got the rotator cuff injury on my left arm..now this…i dont even want to think what else will happen to my health on the course of this career…

i love my job…i love helping sick people…i love my staff… i think they are the best staff to work with…they yawn, whine and groan but ultimately we all help each other. we also put patient’s first before anything…they were very considerate about my cervical radiculopathy with for me is “cervical ridiculousness”…

symptoms include…numbness & tingling sensation shooting from neck to fingers of the affected extremity. if you are a little bit more unlucky like iam, you will also experience severe pain from time to time. in my case, even if i need rest, i cannot stop working not just because i have to pay bills but because we are too short of nurses as it is and ther is only 2 charge nurse at night – one being yours truly…

doctor prescribed a nerve pain pill called lyrica and a non steroidal anti inflammatory drug called lodine. i will also have physical therapy on monday then another doctors appointment next week. i am hoping this will heal soon coz it israther infuriating when you are helpless yourself in the medical field…i would like to be able to help my staff in moving patients but i am limited to


4 Responses to “cervical radiculopathy”

  1. Further testing required!

  2. nixinne Says:

    maybe MRI! dotn know yet!

  3. I called you the other day and yesterday. Phone is dead

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