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circus adventure & the pub Pebrero 23, 2007

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once again, i regressed to my childhood.

we went to ringling brothers / barnum baileys circus last night. the greatest show on earth! it was so awesome! i got to eat some hotdogs, french fries and snow come on a clown cup! yummyyy! the knoxville civic coliseum is small ehough for us to see everything that was going on from our high end seats. i loved everything about it. the clowns and their funny antics, the dogs and their bouncy adventures with the clowns, the tigers with their very very brave animal trainer (funny part of that was one of the tigers was humping the other tiger infront of the crowd! ha ha ha!), the horses and their acrobatic riders, the elephants and their modeling show. They also have death defying stunts that i almost couldnt bear to watch such as the aerialists who would wrap themselves with this massive curtains in their body and just dangle form the ceiling, the flying acrobatic stunts, the man wo was walking upside down and most of all, the crazy motorcyle roundabout of 7 motorcycle inside a relatively small metal cage!…ugh!!! anyhow, i had fun…

the irish pub and restaurant was aour next agenda since we were all starving…for beer and food. so we went to turkey creek adn sat on that pub. the late night meals was obviously great! i had a corned beef and potato soup along with my corned beef and cabbage meal (which is my favorite irish meal anyway). the booys were hungry for sheperds pie but could not get it late night so they settled with some sausages and sandwiches. the nectar of the gods was served perfectly on a guiness glass. yummy!


5 Responses to “circus adventure & the pub”

  1. I want one cup, i mean one ricecooker of white rich, corn beef and cabbage.


  2. nixinne Says:

    hmmm…im hungry again!!! binge eating, im good at that!

  3. jonell Says:

    it made me crave for that. hahaha. laughing.

  4. nixinne Says:

    yeppers…ako rin nagutom bigla..teka nga…meron pa yata akong tira sa ref…kainin ko muna!!! yum yum!

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