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what federal government can do for consumers Pebrero 21, 2007

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there are a lot of yways to better yourself financially. i have been battling over my financial instability and crisis for the past 5 years and i am trying to get the hell out of the financial burden i put myself on. i got a letter from financial management service regional financial center giving me the opportunity to get a free package of publications from the federal citizen information center regarding the 2007 consumer action handbook that shows best solutions to consumer problems and questions. it boasts hundreds of helpful tips, organizations, addreses and phone numbers that is highlighted as a “178-page weapon against scams and fraud.”

here is the link to request that information 2007 Consumer Action Handbook


8 Responses to “what federal government can do for consumers”

  1. Very nice! hindi ka nag iisa 😛

  2. nixinne Says:

    im getting there bessy…trying to build up credit and pay it all off!

  3. nixinne Says:

    im getting there bessy…trying to build up credit and pay it all off!

  4. ive been there. it was such a nightmare. i tried to deny it at first but obviously, it didnt go away and neither did my situation went any lighter. and then, one day, i woke up (literally) thinking it has to change and i have to do something about it.

    whew. im glad it was over. 🙂

    good luck to u! 🙂

  5. JohnHeart Says:

    Lagi kong niri-record ang in and out ng money ko so I could keep track of my income and expenses. Buti na lang merong software ang cellphone ko at di na kailangang magmanual recording. Effective ito. Maraming lumulubog sa utang kasi di nila minu-monitor ang daily expenses nila. Basta gastos lang ng gastos. 🙂

  6. nixinne Says:

    hahahh!! i agree and thanks for the input…i cannot make excuses about my financial behaviour before but the good thing is i am getting out of slowly but surely…all is planned! grabe ako gumastos nun…still got some bad habits like my DVD fetish but thats it!…yeyy!!!

  7. nixinne Says:

    no idea bessy…i just saw her comment on my blog and seems to be a very nice girl…

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