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philosophical analysis of happiness and success Pebrero 20, 2007

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i posted someting about happiness and success and i just wanted to share what this is all about in this post and my long-ass reply to that one. im nore into reading this than reading my own philosophy book since i am enrolled in such a class at this time!!

– Margarette Rona Says: February 20th, 2007 at 6:46 am
i agree. drama is much more exaggerated when we were younger. i guess, as we grow older, some of us realized the inconvenience of such thing.

– Bulong Sa Hangin Says: February 20th, 2007 at 7:34 am
But sometimes, “adult drama” is more dramatic. Redundant, eh?

– and this is what my reply is…

would agree to both of you in some way (darn, i think im becoming more and more of a relativist than anythign else!). i guess we have so much emotion growing up that everything is exaggerated i.e. lost paper, a fight over a spilled soda, a bruise on the knee etc then it becomes worst when you become a teenager, when friends and lovers becomes a part of your being. it cooks up a much rather mixed portion of emotions. then as our hormones and neurotransmitters shrink in numbers to oblivion (as we grow old), the aftermath of these are less emotic human being that has a broader view of the world…that is, if you ever find the right motiviation to do so! so what im really saying is it is not just getting older that makes you wiser…the drama prevails in everyone’s life, be it may a child, adolescent or an adult, it is also the experiences that comes along with the everyday chaos we have to undergo everyday, how we perceive the experience and how we deal with it!


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