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end result of the clinical problem Pebrero 20, 2007

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my day yesterday was a big hassle. not only to my job but also to me! i went to my appointment with the work comp doctor. he is thinking abnout two things: a rotator cuff injury or a c6 disc problem. he injected some lidocaine on my left shoulder to numb the area before injecting in the very, very painful corticosteroids, i thought it would be very painful but i was crushing my small finger with my fingernails so i can divert my attention and it was not so bad after all (well..my finger had a dent mark on itfrom my fingernails). he said that this should decrease the swelling on that joint and if that worked then it must be a rotator cuff injury but if not, then we might have to look at my neck though magnetic resonance imaging (mri). he then gave me some topical corticosteroids for ym painful shoulder (between scapula and clavicle) which i have to wrap with saran wrap! awkward but is need. then employee health made me do some drug testing. then on to getting prescription. i have to be back on friday for follow up and if it does not improve at all, we might have to do some physical therapy and pursue the cervical mri. it seems today that the pain was alleviated a notch, i will have to see how it goes today. then back to work tomorrow!!!


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