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workplace injury Pebrero 19, 2007

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my left body is busted. darn, i feel like i had a stroke or something. no, wait. i can’t be feeling that or else i probably won’t be able to type at all. but to make a point regarding my condition, it almost feels like i had a stroke. my left side including the muscles under the left scapula & axillae and brachial muscles. my phalanges are getting numb and it feels sooo uncomfortable. 

anyway, i was drugged up last saturday with robaxin, ibuprofen, toradol and lortab at the emergency room just because of this crap. i had a left shoulder xray to check if i had any broken bones and left arm ultrasound to check if i have any blood clots on my major left brachial and cervical blood vessels. this is of no use to anybody as i have told them from the beginning.

ok…it all started a couple of weeks back when i had to go to er to be checked for my left shoulder muscle strain from pulling a 400 pound lady up in her bed. they pat my back, put me on a sling and gave me some happy pills to take home with a shot of toradol on my butt. i did not even get to go home that night becasue i was charge nurse that night and my staff cannot live without one. so, my sorry ass had to stay the night to supervise, then went home after the bees and butterflies woke up from their deep sleep. ok, so friday night, again, i was in charge so i had to tough it up till the morning even if my left body started to hurt at approximately 3 am. i took some robaxin hoping to ease the discomfort but i ws too busy trying to resolve some problems on the floor that i did not even get the chance to notice that i had been holding my arm up while walking around. my staff noticed it at around 5:30 am, but then again, i had to let it pass by since there are just so many things to do before the day shift arrives. at 6:30 am, dr. hughes saw me and asked if i was okay since i wasnt my happy self that morning. i told him what the problem was and he gave my some ibuprofen from his own stack and wished me good luck as if i am going to the prom. so…day shift arrived. i was giving report to the day charge nurse when she noticed that not only i was writhing in  pain but my hands were turning blue, no, purple! 

 i was advised to write an employee incident report and go to the emergency room, which i was very reluctant to do since the idiots there wont do anything but to check some “probable emergent cause” like blood clots or broken bones. i specifically told the doctor that i dont have a broken bone or a blood clot but instead i think my muscles and my nerves are getting pinched! and where did he sent me? to xray and ultrasound! argghhh! now they are trying to load me up with some corticosteroids, nsaids, hydrocodone and skelaxin. ugh. i cnat be drugged up again coz i slept for 2 days straight after that event. i will have to call up employee health today for this. 


3 Responses to “workplace injury”

  1. Hey hey hey!

    Slow on drugs ok? robaxin, ibuprofen, toradol and lortab et. al.
    Nakakalibre ka na nyan ha! LOL.

    Pero sundin mo na rin ang doctor mo!

    Wag makulit.

  2. nixinne Says:

    i shall try…nde ko na nga inulit since saturday morning. groggy kase ako eh. ill blog tom kung anong nangyari sa appointment ko!

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