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movies this week Pebrero 19, 2007

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i watched several movies this past week

the great gatsby (robert redford & mia farrow)

it was based on a great novel of f. scott fitzgerald, the great gatsby. it was inexplicably unique and sometimes weird since the characters seems like they were smoking pot right before they shot the scenes. especially mia farrows character. gosh, she seems like a lunatic most of the times in that movie but the story and robert redford made it all okay to watch. the yellow cars and their pink suits. it was memorable.

an affair to remember (cary grant & deborah kerr)

it seems like i was watching some chick flicks here but hey, i am a chick. anyway,, we watched this at the newly renovated tennessee theatre in downtown knoxville and it was an experience right there. it was an old movie theatre that they restored. it was valentines day so all the people that was watching the flick were old couples. it was a sight mind you. okay, back to the movie. the first few parts were hard to understand since it was na old film and was not yet digitally remastered but as far as we can hear, it was rather funny with their nice punchlines. this movie was immprtalized not only because of its great story but by the endless reference to it by several movies of my generation like sleepless in seattle. it was just plain romantic and heartbreaking but it was worth the few kleenex and smeared make ups. i love the scene where cary grants grandmother in the movie lives (french riviera). it makes me want to grow old there. *sigh*

miami vice (jamie foxx & colin farell)

this movie sucks. i cant understand 90% of what they were saying (not because i am pinoy, but even my all-american boy toy cant figure it out either). they seem to be talking in crypts so we got to try and be detectives ourselves while watchign this to see if our theories were right on what was going on. and the end result was: nada. even kiefer my kiefer wont be able to do it. ugh. colin farells’ mullet just made him look like the hill billies of tennessee…yihaaaa!!!

ghostrider (nicholas cage)

nicholas cage gave a new reason to respect him as an actor. this was a great flick. it maybe cheesy to others but having sense of humor in this movie is its saving grace. they would not be able to pull it off as a serious one. those knuckle heads that think this is not an oscars nominee, well, screw ’em all. it gave me the satisfaction that i need in a movie. it made me laugh, felt sorry for the character and be proud of the ending. i think its great. watch it!

the avengers (iron man, the hulk, captain america, the wasp, black widow, mighty thor & nick fury)

its a cartoon movie. what do you expect? good story, nice old timers visuals, and men in tights, what more can you ask for? dammit, just watch it for the fun. be young again and immortalize the less known heroes of marvel comics.


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