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happiness and success: are they related? Pebrero 19, 2007

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i was surfing the wordpress files and saw this site with this excerpt from it:

“Happy people do not experience one success after another and unhappy people, one failure after another. Instead, surveys show that happy and unhappy people tend to have had very similar life experiences. The difference is that the average unhappy person spends more than twice as much time thinking about unpleasant events in their lives, while happy people tend to seek and rely upon information that brightens their personal outlook.” ~ Lyubomirsky 1994.

Excerpt from “100 Simple Secrets of Happy People, The” by David Niven

(website visited: http://librarising.wordpress.com/)

i do have to agree with this one. when i was younger i have so much drama in my life and i spent everyday sulking on my bed or crying in my sleep, grieving on how bad my situation in life is. but after i was shown how to just be happy with everything that ive got, i started to become happier each day, no matter what the circumstance is. i just seem to forget how dreadful my day was and just went on and deal with the current events.


4 Responses to “happiness and success: are they related?”

  1. i agree. drama is much more exaggerated when we were younger. i guess, as we grow older, some of us realized the inconvenience of such thing.

  2. But sometimes, “adult drama” is more dramatic. Redundant, eh?

  3. but more real. young adult’s drama is often exaggerated.

    dont u agree?

  4. nixinne Says:

    would agree to both of you in some way (darn, i think im becoming more and more of a relativist than anythign else!). i guess we have so much emotion growing up that everything is exaggerated i.e. lost paper, a fight over a spilled soda, a bruise on the knee etc then it becomes worst when you become a teenager, when friends and lovers becomes a part of your being. it cooks up a much rather mixed portion of emotions. then as our hormones and neurotransmitters shrink in numbers to oblivion (as we grow old), the aftermath of these are less emotic human being that has a broader view of the world…that is, if you ever find the right motiviation to do so! so what im really saying is it is not just getting older that makes you wiser…the drama prevails in everyone’s life, be it may a child, adolescent or an adult, it is also the experiences that comes along with the everyday chaos we have to undergo everyday, how we perceive the experience and how we deal with it!

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