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ING Account Pebrero 16, 2007

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I opened up an ING Direct Savings Account and i think it’s great! What bank can you find a 4.4% interest on your savings! That’s a lot! I even got a $25.00 bonus money just by opening the savings account (well, i needed to use the referral email and have at least $250.00 initial deposit but hey, its still 25.00 that i did not have before!)

here is the sample referral page from ING Direct


Refer a Friend – Orange Savings Account
Program Details:
Share the benefits of the Orange Savings Account with your friends and family!If your friend opens an account with at least $250, we will deposit a $25 bonus in their new account and a $10 thank you bonus in your Orange Savings Account. If 25 of your friends or family each open a new account with at least a $250 initial deposit, you will earn $10 each up to $250.NEW. Give the “Gift of Savings” – you can now include funds from your own Orange Savings Account to help your friend or family member start saving. In order to qualify for the $25 and $10 bonuses, your gift recipient must make an initial deposit of $250. Any gift funds do not count toward the initial deposit.

Please Remember:

  • Your friends MUST use the referral link within the email sent from this screen to ensure they get the $25 welcome bonus and gift money, if applicable.
  • We will send the email on your behalf, so that the “From” field will display your name and the email address we have for you.
  • For privacy reasons, we are not able to disclose which of your friends has opened an account with us or the initial deposit amount.
  • Your $10 thank you bonus will be added to your account upon the completion of the account opening process for qualifying accounts.


So, if anybody would like to open up a savings account, just let me know your email address and complete name and i will send you the referral. You can make money just by the interest especially if you have lots of money on it. Imagine having an x amount of money multiplied by .04 = your interest for that money!

My boyfriend had almost $150,000.00 on that account at one point and earned more or less $3000.00 just on interest! It is safe since it is FDIC insured. You can look it up if you want to at their website www.ing.com


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