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future plans etc Pebrero 13, 2007

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hmmm…i just read chico’s blog about how busy his days are…i dont think i am not that complicated…well, not just yet.

i’ve got so many plans this year. i started already by transferring to emergency department. i am sooo excited about this since for a while , i didnt think that my profession is not advancing at all although i am one of the charge nurses on the cardiac step down of our hospital. i felt that my professional came into a halt. so i was trying to pursue other things. i need change and i love change.

i am currently taking philosophy as an online class. i cannot concentrate enough though. i am a procrastinator. i admit that and i know that is going to be my downfall in this class. if i do not keep up with the readings, my life will be over. i need to prove something to myself that i will be able to handle taking classes online while doing fulltiem work. i need the reassurance to myself that i can do it because i applied at MTSU to pursue my bachelors degree in nursing online!

another thing, me & mike will be renting the house next door. 3 bedroom apartment with 2 car garage and a beautiful backyard. maybe by april or may, we will be able to move. i am excited to be on my own place. we will have the masters bedroom for both of us and then we will each have our private room! mike will have his room set up like an office with a library and a leather couch, while i will will almost do the same except that i will have a futon so i can sleep there from time to time if i do not want to bother mike when i come home from work early in the morning.

and of course…im checking my son every couple of days to see how he is doing. he skipped school today coz he said he was sick. i just told me to take a rest and try to drink pleanty of water. hopefully he will get to be feeling better by tomorrow.


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