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what is philosophy? Pebrero 6, 2007

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Dr. Grippe,

To answer your question:

No, I don’t think it is okay to engage in heinous crimes even if it is personally or societally allowed. I think, even when these people [who committed these crimes] allow themselves to reason out the “good’ of their crimes, it still doesn’t make sense. Their reasoning doesn’t make any sense, they are nonsensical. Society in ancient Rome allowed barbaric fights between prisoners for entertainment, and yet after a while, it became nonsensical. They couldn’t continue the tradition because as the people think of the reasoning behind this, if it is of any importance, if any of it is logical to pursue, they ended up knowing that everything is shallow, that there really is no logical reasoning behind it all.

The farther I read and try to understand philosophy, it seems to me that philosophy’s main ground is not only just asking questions and just answering it. As you are trying to point out, the reasoning behind it is all too important to just give meaning or reason to a certain answer because of mere or true belief without logically analyzing each main point of reasoning. The reasoning behind the answer needs to be sound, to be believable, and it needs to give life to the question itself.

But in my case, a Filipino with a limited vocabulary, it is hard to express my reasoning on my philosophical standards because of language barrier. I am just talking about being here in United States, where English is the primary language. This poses a big threat to my line of reasoning just because I cannot fully express what I mean. Reading chapter 18 of Succio about analytical philosophy and Witgensteins’s “deconstruction of traditional philosophy” in Tractarus, it made me question what and how language affects the logical reasoning behind a philosophy. Our philosophy itself is very limited to our own experiences, beliefs and knowledge, Wittgenstein may have actually have a point regarding “philosophical problems as results of misunderstanding what language is and how it works.”

Do I think of philosophy as “illusory and linguistic?” I have yet to understand all aspects of philosophy before I can be final on my stand on philosophy but I can truly say that Wittgenstein’s made me question more of what philosophy truly is. To grasp philosophy is to grasp everything that stands for a good, logical reason.

well, at least, for the first part of our philosophy reading.

Note: All quotes are form Succio, Chapter 18, page 497
and his response…</strong>

Well said!!!

You have no barrier to understanding as far as I can see.

Dr. G


2 Responses to “what is philosophy?”

  1. The reasoning behind the answer needs to be sound, to be believable, and it needs to give life to the question itself.


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