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movie addiction Enero 12, 2007

Filed under: english alphabet,hobbies in my mind,modern tech — nixinne @ 10:45 hapon

i am addicted to movies. and buying movies. that’s what my collection consist of. movies. i love them. i just bought them at hollywood video for the sale price of 3 for $25. i told myself i willo nly buy 3 dvds today but i ended up buying 6: talladega nights, clerks 2, monster house, the break up, john tucker must die, and united 93. last week, i bought the devil wears prada, centerstage and the mothman prophecies. i don’t really know what my dvd count is. i am probably close to 300 now. maybe more. maybe i’ll start cataloging the collection.

i usually buy them at wal-mart (damn! wher else are we gonna go here! bumblefrak tennessee!) and hollywood video. if its new and i cnat wait to buy on the previously viewed section of hollywood video, i buy it at walmart for a cheap price. thats it. thats my secret. grace’s secret to movie addiction.


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