bunch of nonsense

i think, therefore I am (an RN)

to use or not to use Enero 10, 2007

from a conversation with a very close friend of mine, i realized that boys act what they think is cool infront of their friends. But deep inside, they are sensitive. especially when provoked. when we women think that we are getting used by men and that it hurts and that they don’t know what we feel – we are wrong. definitely wrong. i didnt realize that until now.

all along i thought that my friend likes to fool around with one night stands. i never thought that men too, like us women, would like to have companion. that they, like us, are also in search of the one person that will be our partner for life. consciously or unconsciously, we do make an effort to find the perfect one. its not that men just like to hurt women and its all a game, but like us women, they also have their own standards of who their perfect mate will be. If , for any reason, a man did not find what he wants in a woman, at least he has the balls to break off the relationship instead of keeping a fire alive that does not have any heat at all. the only difference is that men is honest to themselves while we, women, are not. we try to change something that we cant and in the long run we hurt ourselves instead of just moving on and forgetting the reason why we are crying ourselves to sleep at night. they are able to see whats wrong and keeop themselves from the pain but breaking it off while its early.

i am not on any side at all. i just notice things and ry to make a sense out of it all. im not against woman. im not against man. we are all alike. a human being trying to find the other half of our self.


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