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coughing up a storm Enero 6, 2007

Filed under: english alphabet,my immortal life — nixinne @ 7:14 hapon

wonder why i havent done anything on this blog??? probably not…as i am the only one who reads it anyway…

but i’ll explain to myself in a few sentences (or maybe just a few words)why.

i was sick as a dog. i havent slept straight through at any time of the day cuase whenever i attempt to sleep, i cough up a storm. poor mike had to deal with me every single night that i am off work. thats probably the reason why he is in cincinnati with mark and rohit now. to get me off his back. i have been sick since before new years eve. that sucked but at least i do remember seeing a halo around the moon that night. i wonder what kind of phenomenon was that. i need to reasearch that so i can post it here. i also got myself enrolled once again for an online class. philosophy class. damn. thats funnier than statistics. hopefully ill be able to finish this one or else ill be hopeless. ive got ambition but no driving force to actually pursue it. sad. very sad indeed. i have watched several films and actually finished a couple of books. watched casino royale, the greatest bond ever to exist. i also watched devil wears prada, mi 3, ice age 2: the meltdown and big fish. damn i cried too much on the last one. i finished the book, the devil weras prada and the fact turned lies (fiction) book, a million little pieces. i have been also pretty obsessed with harvest moon: a wonderful life (special edition), the sims (for pc), and porn. no, i am just kidding. i am not obsessed with porn but it will be fun to write about if i actually do. anyway, i was also watching my favorite soap, maging sino ka man. oh well…enough for updates…i need to rest again so i can go backj to work tonight…



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