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milton berle Disyembre 22, 2006

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“If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door.”
– Milton Berle

i guess that what i can do. i will fill out an application for a part time position at UTMC for a part time position in ED. And since i have lots of time in my hands, only wating it on movies and such nonsense, i volunteered to be an adjunct clinical educator here at baptist hospital.

you might ask why volunteer…well…this facility is the brink of closing if not for the patients that rely on it. at least that is what i gather since a lot of companies have bypassed/delayed buying this hospital because of several reasons. So, i tried talking to the clinical educator, who is overwhelmed with work, to offer my time but she does not know how valuable my time is for her own convenience and for my own educational benefit. I took the liberty of talking to the manager informally about this and she coached me into researching soem topics that i can share with my colleagues and also advising me to be an educator for the night nurses.

it is a very small step but at least some thing is happening.

as milton berle said…if opportunity doesnt knock, build a door…and i did…


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