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getting organized Disyembre 15, 2006

Filed under: english alphabet,food for the thought,my immortal life — nixinne @ 1:14 hapon

this week is the week for me to get organized. i have been very good in organizing my stuff in our room, at the office, at work etc…but not my whole life…damn! i am sooo frustrated! i need to finish school and i wanted to go to emergency nursing but i have been procastinating.

procastination is an evil habit. it certainly messes up the balance of the force. ha ha ha (took that one from star wars since we watched 5 movies in a row from episode 1 to 5 the other night). i’ve got a speeding ticket and i dont really know why i got one since i am so good at being slow in doing things to upgrade my career!!! i guess i am just good in doing bad things and great in making bad things worst.

i need a break…i need a break from my old tiring self and get a brand new, more driven, more creative, financially successful, and more ambitious personality!!! i wonder how much that will cost me since i am pretty much broke right now from allt he travelling that i did these past few months.

what a pathetic old life of mine…


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