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back to casa de boydus Disyembre 13, 2006

Filed under: english alphabet,my immortal life — nixinne @ 1:50 umaga

yep…we drove 13 hours yesterday to get back here in TN from CT. tiring but its ok. at least were back on our own bed. but my oh my….i am super super broke from all the travelling we did this past few months. christmas will not be as plentiful as it should be for all of us but as everything else…its all ok…ill get back to my regular schedule at work…i just hope ill have enough to have money fro school for this coming semester.

i organized and cleaned our room. everything is in place. just need to fold a few more clothes.

i was watching the lost room earlier on sci fi… pretty interesting. im not hooked like i was with heroes or 24 though.

i also watched some episodes of “maging sino ka man” at abs-cbn.com. i dotn really care about celine and jb but i would like to know more about ely and his past. too much drama though.

i dont know whats happening but i have been purging myself after meals…especially when im bloated. my stomach cant take it when i am too full. like right now. i think i might have to throw up again. i ate too much. soem pinakbet with rice and smoked fish then mangosteen fro dessert. hmmm…


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