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ct and chico Agosto 18, 2006

Filed under: english alphabet,my immortal life — nixinne @ 3:34 umaga

mike dropped me off to the airport still groggy this afternoon. Damn. its not a long flight but i dont exactly liked it. especially the stupid restriction tat they have been imposing nowadays. no liquid stuff on your carry on luggage, stupid.

my step dad picked me up and i met with mom at home. she was cooking a great meal! yum, yum.

i called my best friend, chico to meet up with him. i didnt have any car so he had to take the taxi to my house and from there, we walked to the bus station. we exchanged stories, bought some drinks at the local dunkin donuts store, lighted cigarettes and formulated a plan for the night, we agreed to take a cab to downtown area and walk around there, we werent really into drinking mood so after a few walks, we decided to bother Jozelle. damn, she look sooo fine!!!she lost so much weight! of course she made us eat a lot (as usuasl) then me and chico went on to go back home,

i enjoyed that night. i missed being with chico and jozelle. i missed conneccticut and my parents.


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