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i need my carry on luggage Agosto 16, 2006

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I just received an email from delta airlines regarding the new restrictions on carry on luggage. what a joke. i’ll just mail all my stuff to my destination and run naked through airport security.

next thing you know, they will ask you to shave your hair cause the hair follicles were found to be used as a chemical agent for bombs. or give us hospital gowns t wear while we are on the airplane. pathetic losers. just infiltrate their religion and teach them how to drink so they dont get frustrated. give them suppositories while youre at it, maybe they just needed some real pooping.

Stay Informed Before You Fly

Follow security guidelines to make your upcoming travel experience as easy as possible

Hello Ms. Macandili,

You’ve heard about the new airport security measures and we want you to know that we are operating our full flight schedule to over 290 worldwide destinations. To ensure a smoother travel experience, we’d like to update you on the latest developments.

Please remember to pack lightly, travel with little or no carry-on baggage and arrive early for your scheduled flight. You also will be required to take off your shoes as you pass through security.

Most liquids, gels and aerosols will not be permitted through airport screening checkpoints and cannot be carried onboard but can be packed in your checked baggage. Examples include:

Beverages (including those purchased at the airport)
Suntan lotion
Hair gel
And other items of similar consistency
However, you will be able to carry on the following substances:

Baby formula and breast milk for a traveling infant
Prescription medication with a name that matches the passenger’s ticket (including up to four ounces of liquid medication)
Insulin and other essential non-prescription medicines (including glucose gel)
In addition, please review the current guidelines for packing checked baggage. And remember to label your luggage — inside and out — with your current contact information.

Please check delta.com/travelupdates for the latest information on Delta flights and airport wait times. Thank you for your patience.


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  1. Jannahhttp://tart410.blogs.friendster.com/tart410 Says:

    hey grace! thanks for visiting my blog and for the message! keep in touch!


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