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long returns to knoxville Agosto 8, 2006

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mike’s friend max long came to town saturday night. we threw a party for him last night and boy it was great! a dozen or so people came and partied with us for a good part of the night. some stayed at the casa and some went home before the clock chimed midnight. we ploughed through more than 3 cases of beer, several bottles of wine and lots of liqour, tonic, mixers, etc. needless to say, we were drunk as a skunk before midnight, at mmidnight, we were trying to cool off the tennessee summer heat by sitting in the waterfall. we also had so much food. i tried preparing some food for the party after i got back from work bu i only managed to marinade the barbeque pork and chicken, roll the lumpian g shangahi and see my first failed attempt to make a leche flan. amazingly, i corrupted mark and mike into likinig filipino food so they made pancit bihon from scratch while i was asleep! i was flabbergasted with the skillls especially when they also made their very first successful attempt of making a leche flan. damn they were better than me. the honorary guest, max long helped a lot on the peeling and rolling of the lumpiang shanghai. he also facilitated the grilling of barbeques. he seemed to had lots of fun last night, drinking and dancing with the girls but he has a long ass way to drive today since he lives in harrisburg, pennsylvania.

this morning was a headache. literally speaking. we were all at the living room this morning watching batman beyond ( the cartoon series). we have plans to watch talladega nights: the ballad of ricky bobby. i heard its great. it raked in 47 million dollars for its openign weekend.

oh yeah, cleanign up after a party is a bitch.


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