bunch of nonsense

i think, therefore I am (an RN)

book of possibilities Hulyo 25, 2006

like queen latifah in last holiday i will try to start a book of possibilities.

i really liked that idea since i dream of a lot of things. Maybe everytime i think of something that i would like i will just put in on ablog like a scrapbook of the things that i want to happen in the future. what i want to achieve. what star i want to reach. and to dream the impossible dream.

first on my list? to become something else other than a hospital nurse. No hospital administration crap but maybe my own practice as a nurse anesthesist or a nurse practitioner or a forensic expert or a geneticist or damn, i’ll dream to become a person who can modify someone’s view in religion to completely obliterate terrorism ideas of all religious fanatics in the world. or simply just to have a ray gun to pulvorize people to likes genocide, homicide, infanticide, insecticide –WHATT??? ok, that wasnt part of that (duh!, the insecticide!)

anyway, il’ have time to do that book some day…hmmm (looking at the stars while dreaming…) soonnnn…


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