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failed biking trip & pink panther Hulyo 24, 2006

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we tried going for a biking trip today. a little road trip with the mini hoopty (duh, the element!) if i should say the least.

but my oh my! it was a disaster. first, we planned an afternoon biking trip at abingdon, va. we were going to try and do the first 15 miles bike ride of the virginia creeper trail which is roughly 3 hours away from knoxville, tn. for my avid readers, (who??? me? myself? no, no, no…its only I!) i have written a blog before about the virginia creeper trail which is a 37 mile bike ride from white top mountain in virginia.

ok, to cut the long story short, we thought there were trailer at the old barn bike shop & rentals in damascus ,who would take us up the mountain at 4:30 pm. well, there werent any at all in damascus. too bad for us. so we just ate soft ice cream on a nearby ice cream shop adn headed back to knoxville. instead of turning our trip to waste, we went to kingsport, tn. and foun a nice 9 mile paved trail across town but again, luck wasnt on our side. the paved road ended after 3 miles. My back was hurting and i chucked all over the paved road…ha ha ha.

so. there it is.

we just ate soem left over food and watched pink panther. darn. i remember the stupid slapstick movies of dolphy in the philippines. it was like that. just plain stupid stunts and acting stupidly infront of the cacmera. well, it did its job…at least to me. it made me laugh. it doesnt take as much effort to do so anyway.


One Response to “failed biking trip & pink panther”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Good bike rental – shuttle service at Whitetop VA. Instead of stopping at Damascus, drive on up to Whitetop. Rent you bikes there, ride down the mountain, and catch their shuttle back up. Good people there, Trek bikes and equipment, fabulous ride down the mountain. If you have small children, they have bikes of all sizes, half-wheelers that hook behind adult bike, and baby buggies. Fall colors coming soon – be a good time to go.

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